4 Minimalist Ways to Incorporate Storage into Your Home

Whether or not you adhere to minimalism in your home, every space can benefit from its principles.

Minimalist design focuses on order, function, and simplicity. If you are looking to reduce clutter in your space, you will need to make intentional storage choices that give each item a home. With StoreYourBoard’s options for simple yet practical storage solutions, it’s easy to apply clutter-reducing principles of minimalism to your space.

What’s more minimalist than practically invisible storage? The clear acrylic Surfboard Display Rack allows you to store your board without drawing attention to a visually distracting rack. This vertical display takes up minimal wall space, and the see-through acrylic construction makes your board look like it’s floating off the wall. And, part of minimalist living is multi-functional storage: this rack doubles as storage and display. You can add to your home decor while organizing your space.

Give your yoga mats and foam rollers a proper home with the Minimalist Yoga Mat Display. This wall-mounted storage rack has a sleek design made from bright American Oak wood and aluminum. Its mixed-material, breathable design offers a space for frequently used items.

Display your skateboards, longboards, and more with a storage solution that doesn’t clutter up your wall: the Skateboard Deck Display allows you to turn your boards into art, without a distracting rack taking away from the simplicity of your space. The floating rack uses your board’s own trucks for installation, so it’s completely invisible from the front to give it that floating look. It also allows for versatile setup—you can mount your boards vertically or horizontally.

The Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack is a sleek and functional storage solution for your collection of boards. It combines form and function; practical storage with clean lines and bright wood brings order to your space. Its unobtrusive design allows your board storage to become a visual focal point in your home, showcasing your boards’ designs instead of a distracting rack. Eliminate clutter and turn your hobby into decor with vertical board storage that provides minimalist beauty and functionality to any space.