5 Ways to Store Your Kayak

For an outdoor enthusiast, kayaks can be a big investment for seasons of fun out on the water.

But when you're not using them, they can be clunky, awkward, and difficult to store. You want to make the right storage choice for your space, while also keeping your kayak protected from damage so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

1. Wall Rack

First things first: you need to get your kayak off the ground. Putting up a wall rack in your garage or shed is a great way to store your watercraft and save space. Because the kayaks are stored vertically, they don't take up an excessive amount of wall space. 

Kayak Wall Rack

A wall rack also frees up floor space for storage under the rack or extra room to park your car.

2. Freestanding Rack

If you are renting, don't want to damage your walls, or don't have wall space, a freestanding rack is another option. You can get one with or without wheels for ease of moving. Your kayaks will be ready to go for your next trip out on the water, and you'll get your space back!

Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Watersport, 3-Level Kayak, SUP, & Surf Storage

3. Outdoor Rack

If you don't have indoor space for a kayak rack, try putting one outside. There are freestanding and wall-mounted options for whatever space you have available. You can mount your rack on a fence, under your deck, or on the side of your house, boathouse, or shed.

For those who want an outdoor rack with rustic, artisanal design, a handcrafted log rack is another way to store your kayaks in style.

4. Dock Rack

Do you have a dock or pier? A dock rack is a great option for keeping your kayaks right by the water, where you need them. This space-saving design holds your watercraft over the water and takes up a minimum amount of walkway on your dock. Plus, if you're worried about winds or theft, it has steel loops to secure your kayak with bungee cords or locking cables.

5. Hoist & Ceiling Rack

Kayaks are big and awkward to store, and sometimes floor and wall racks still take up too much space. If this is the case for you, use a ceiling rack or hoist to take advantage of overhead space and get your kayaks totally out of the way.

You'll get both your floor space and your wall space back. Feel at ease knowing your kayaks are stored securely out of the way, but still in reach.