7 Ways to Better Organize Your Tools

These tips will make garage organization not only painless, but also satisfying.

With everything in its place, you'll have more space for projects, cars, and storage.

1. Maximize storage with minimal space

Need ideas for how to store all those long-handled tools like rakes, push brooms, and snow shovels? A Tool Max wall hook does a lot with just 2 inches of wall space. Stop lining your garage with yard tools and give them a designated home that takes up very little space.

Tool Max Wall Hook

2. Organize hoses and cables

Not only is it a tripping hazard to leave loose cables around, it compromises their life span. Kinks in hoses can lead to leaks, and bent wires can break insulation, which is a fire hazard. Use hook and loop fastener utility straps to wrap up loose cables and hang them safely on a hook.

Utility cord wraps

3. Hang bulky power tools

Your grass trimmer and leaf blower shouldn't live on the ground or against the wall; hang them from a wall organizer instead! This keeps your tools safe, your garage neat, and your car out of danger of being dinged.

BLAT Tool Rack

4. Organize hand tools

Smaller tools can get lost in the depths of a workbench drawer or a cluttered toolbox. Straighten up that mess with a hand tool organizer, and keep your most used tools handy. With so many slots for screwdrivers, wrenches, drill bits, and more, you can tailor it to fit your needs.

Hand Tool Organizer

5. Store drills by your workbench

When you're working on a project, you need your tools close by. Attach a drill rack to the side of your workbench for handy drill storage that doesn't take up wall space.

Drill rack

6. Stow items overhead

You need all the wall and floor space you can get for the important stuff. That's why overhead storage is a great option, especially for items you don't use too frequently. Use an overhead storage rack to put away ladders, saw horses, and more. 

Ladder Overhead rack

7. Install shelving

Putting up heavy duty shelving gives you extra storage where you need it without compromising floor space, like other shelving units and cabinets. This can be a place for all the gear that doesn't already have a home, like paint cans, toolboxes, and storage bins.