5 Ways to Organize All of Your Power Tools

Yardwork, gardening, DIYing, and other jobs and hobbies may require you to keep an assortment of power tools in your arsenal.

Whereas non-power tools like shovels and rakes are easy to store due to their similar shapes, power tool storage is not always as simple. They are often irregularly shaped, heavy, and large.

Many tool storage solutions are not made to accommodate power tools. Your electric drills are not properly cared for and accessible if they’re stored in a toolbox or drawer. And your longer power tools shouldn’t live on the ground or leaned up against the wall because that’s a tripping hazard that can hurt both you and your expensive equipment.

If your garage or shed is getting cluttered up with hard-to-store tools like leaf blowers, line trimmers, and oscillating saws, it’s time to set yourself up for success with tool storage made with power tools in mind.

1. Heavy-Duty Wall Storage

Some of the most popular tool storage racks are designed with s-hooks to grip the long handles of tools like shovels and rakes. This configuration is relatively space efficient and convenient for some tools. They are not, however, made for storing power tools that have bulky or irregular shapes. And, since you can store only one tool per s-hook, it’s not very good for maximizing your storage space. When you also consider the fact that many other tool racks are made of plastic, you know that your tools need a more robust storage solution.

Power tools require storage that is both versatile and heavy-duty enough to accommodate a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. The solid steel BLAT Tool Organizer was made with all kinds of tools in mind. It has four 9.5" slots to hold the maximum number of tools while taking up minimal wall space. And with a weight capacity of 250 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off the wall if you store your whole collection of power tools on it.

Since this rack arrives in one piece with no assembly required, there’s no risk of parts falling off. Its industrial-grade welds keep everything secure, so you can feel good about using it to organize your most heavy-duty equipment. Avoid flimsy plastic racks that won’t withstand the years of wear and tear; go with a solid metal rack that will likely outlive you, like the BLAT Tool Organizer.

2. Drill Storage

Smaller power tools like electric drills seem easier to store in theory, but they are frequently tucked away inside drawers, stored with other tools in a toolbox, or left on the workbench. This type of storage contributes to workshop clutter. When your drills are stored with a jumble of screwdrivers and wrenches in your workshop drawers, it makes it difficult to access the other hand tools you need. And without proper storage, you risk damage to your drill and increase your chances of losing parts.

To keep your drills accessible and protect their longevity, the best method of storage is to keep them organized on a designated drill storage rack. When each drill has a storage slot, you reduce the risk of damage from contact with other tools in a drawer or toolbox.

The Drill Storage Rack + Shelf provides you with a slot for each of your electric drills, plus a heavy-duty floating shelf that’s perfect for charging stations, extra batteries, and keeping your drill bits closeby. This setup keeps your work station neat while protecting your tools and helping you stay organized. Plus, your drills are handy and ready to use whenever you need them.

3. Customizable Freestanding Storage

Power tools are constantly evolving, so it makes sense that you’d want to level up your collection. To ensure that your growing assortment of tools is compatible with your method of storage, it’s important to invest in an adaptable storage solution.

The most important considerations are height and weight. Some power tools that are exceptionally long, like line trimmers, may not fit easily on a wall-mounted rack. And if you have a previously mounted wall tool organizer, you’re out of luck if you wanted to store your new line trimmer on it. As for weight, many options for tool storage simply aren’t build to withstand the weight of power tools—and especially not for multiple power tools at the same time.

The ideal type of tool rack has a high weight capacity and is easily customizable. The Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Tool secures all types of tools on a rock-solid frame that supports up to 300 lbs. Plus, it can be tailored to your tool needs in every way. The arrangement of tool attachments is up to you. That means awkwardly shaped power tools can have a little more breathing room on the rack, if needed. You can also change the height of the upper bar, which allows you to store extra-long tools, like that new line trimmer.

No one knows what power tools their future holds. One of the most important features of the Freestanding G-Tool is that you’re not locked in to the setup after assembly. Every tool attachment can be moved as needed, and the height of the bar is easily altered to suit your growing tool collection. Lastly, since the rack is freestanding, it can go wherever you need it. If you rearrange your workshop, you don’t have to rip your tool rack out of the wall and move it—simply pick up the Freestanding G-Tool and move it to its new location.

4. Wall-Mounted Storage for Handheld Power Tools

Odds are, drills aren’t the only handheld power tool you have on deck. Your arsenal may also include drivers, oscillating saws, angle grinders, and more. While drill storage serves its own important purpose, larger handheld power tools sometimes don’t fit into storage made specifically for drills.

What every handyman and DIYer needs is a storage rack that has slots large enough to store not just drills, but the rest of their assortment of handheld power tools. Additionally, it should be strong enough hold your collection without drooping or being ripped out of the wall under the weight. The Power Tool Organizer + Shelf is 100% solid steel with four slots to support all kinds of handheld power tools. It’s built for installation into wall studs for maximum strength that supports up to 35 lbs. It also includes built-in channels stamped into the rack to store accessories like drill bits and hardware. The included shelf is ideal for keeping your tools with their batteries and chargers. Install the rack right next to your workbench for optimal accessibility.

5. Ultimate Wall-Mounted Storage

With all these storage choices, it can be hard to know which kind works best for your tools. If you’re looking for the last tool storage rack you’ll ever have to buy, look no further. The Teal Triangle G-Tool Pro is the tool organizer that checks all the boxes.

Here’s why: it’s heavy-duty enough to support up to 500 lbs; it includes a pegboard and attachments to organize hand tools, drills, and more; it helps you keep tools organized with perfect spacing thanks to the adjustable tool storage attachments; and it includes storage shelves for all those extra items that make a space look messy (bins, buckets, toolboxes, and more).

The hefty weight limit is perfect for power tool storage. In addition to holding all your power tools, it can even be used to store some lawnmowers. Once you lift all that tool clutter off the floor of your garage or workshop, it’ll be easier to walk around, clean, and park your car—reclaim that parking space! Due to the fact that the setup of the entire rack can be customized to your tool storage needs, you can mount the tool storage bar as high as needed to help raise those extra-long tools off the ground. For storing an assortment of tools, there's no choice better.