Tools Every Homeowner Needs, Plus Storage To Keep It All Organized

Between DIY projects, home renovations, and yard maintenance, a homeowner's tasks are seemingly never ending.

There are a few important tools you’ll need to check off every box on your to-do list. Pair your essentials with proper storage options from StoreYourBoard, and your tool collection will stay organized and accessible for future projects.

1. Cordless Electric Drill

Convenient mobility and indispensable utility make the cordless electric drill a must-have for home projects. You have the ability to switch between attachments and handle all sorts of materials, from wood to concrete. Whether you’re putting together furniture or hanging art, the cordless drill will be your right-hand man.

Since the cordless drill is the most frequently used power tool, keep yours at the ready with a drill rack. The Drill Storage Rack + Shelf offers four storage slots for drills, drivers, and more, and the shelf is a perfect place to charge your batteries or store drill bits and other attachments. With proper storage keeping your drills and bits organized, you won’t be caught unprepared during your next home project.

2. Ladder

Cleaning windows, changing lightbulbs, and painting a room: these are just three examples of common household tasks that require a little extra height to get the job done right. All these and more are good reasons for keeping a ladder in your home; you don’t want to call up a neighbor (or worse, pay for a maintenance man!) every time you need a ladder. In fact, having both a ladder and a stepladder pretty much covers your bases when it comes to household tasks that can’t be completed at ground level. That’s why we recommend them for all sorts of home projects.

However, ladders are large and difficult to store. Oftentimes, people lean them up against the garage wall for storage. But when you do that, it leaves your space looking disorganized, and it’s difficult to clean around and under. The Ladder Storage Wall Hook is a compact and discreet solution that makes a big impact on the look of your space. It takes up very little space on your wall, so it can fit in any bit of wall space—between your garage doors, next to the circuit breaker, or by your car. Plus, you can also use it for chairs, hoses, cords, and anything else you want to elevate.

3. Blower

Fall, winter, spring, and summer—a blower is a power tool that comes in handy during all seasons. Whether you’re cleaning up fallen leaves, tidying up after mowing the lawn, or clearing snow from walkways, the blower is a versatile tool that every homeowner should keep handy.

Like any versatile tool, its perfect match is versatile tool storage. That’s why the BLAT Tool Rack is a great option for a blower, as well as any other power tool or long-handled yard tool. This rack spans the length of two wall studs, so you get rock-solid security as well as compact storage. Just like every homeowner should have these tools, the BLAT Tool Rack is a must-have for anyone who has tools. If you get one storage solution from this list, the BLAT Tool is the rack everyone should have.

4. Hand tools

Not only are hand tools essential for tons of different household tasks, but they represent the independence that comes with taking charge of projects and small fixes around the house. You no longer have to depend on someone else to help with home maintenance, bringing their tools in tow. With your own tools, you can get things done your own way, on your own time. It’s a powerful feeling to be able to fix a leaky faucet or assemble furniture without any help.

These foundational tools deserve a prime storage location. StoreYourBoard recommends a Metal Pegboard System, perfect for hammers, pliers, levels, and more. Keep your most-used tools organized on your pegboard, and you’ll no longer waste time searching through cluttered drawers for the right drill bit or screwdriver. The metal design and 18 included storage accessories make it easy to customize your setup. Between small buckets for nails, a wrench organizer, and a variety of storage hooks, you can organize your hand tool storage so it works as hard as your tools work for you!