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2016 Innovation Award Winner: BigCommerce named StoreYourBoard its Innovation Award Winner, as featured on Yahoo Finance and BusinessWire. StoreYourBoard was selected as the Grand Prize winner for delivering a tailored system that enables customers to submit product reviews, questions and photos resulting in thousands of user-generated responses, improved SEO and higher conversion.

5 Things to Do When Starting an Online Store (USA Today): "[O]ffering a common product in a distinct way can help you stand out...'All of it takes a lot of time and thought, but the results are a feedback loop that makes finding the right product even easier for future customers," says Josh Gordon, StoreYourBoard’s founder and president.

Business News Daily - Small Business Snapshot: The Small Business Snapshot series features photos that represent, in just one image, what small businesses are all about. Josh Gordon, founder and president of StoreYourBoard, explains how his image represents his business.

Big Thaw? Looks Like Small Businesses Ending Hiring Freeze: "[StoreYourBoard] plans to hire at least four workers in 2017, adding to its staff of six, says Andrew Mavraganis, a vice president at the Charlottesville, Virginia-based company. The first new hire started Wednesday. The company decided not to wait until a further sales increase happens; it doesn't want to scramble to find help, Mavraganis says. 'We're open to adding great candidates whenever we come across them.'.

Behind the Business with StoreYourBoard: StoreYourBoard was founded in 2009 by Josh Gordon, a skier/boarder frustrated by the lack of home storage options. Josh has managed to turn his hobby and passion into a successful small business story – hear more about his journey!

Engineered with Passion: Josh spent his weekends wakeboarding in the summer and skiing in the winter. He had racked up several boards but couldn’t find a great storage system. His solution? Build one himself. That’s when the Scorpion Wall Rack was born. “StoreYourBoard was built from a passion for board sports.”

16 Sports & Outdoor Brands Leaving the Competition in the Dust: How do successful sports and outdoors retailers stand out from the crowd to both sell goods that help their customers compete and to out-compete their own competitors? The answer starts behind-the-scenes, rather than at a site’s face value.

Local Entrepreneur Finding Home-Storage Solutions for Board Sports Gear: "Gordon said original videos and in-depth information about specific products on set his business apart from Amazon and other online retailers. 'We do a lot to make online shopping more like the in-store experience,'" he said.

Product Reviews Fuel Outdoor Adventures: "The company has a great strategy for using tools to communicate with clients. 'You’ve created a channel of customer contact,' Mavraganis said. 'If you’re going to use it, you should be thinking about and preparing to have a system for responding to your customers and communicating with them in a professional way'."

What Marketing Tactics Help You Grow Your Business the Most: "It may not be marketing in the most traditional sense, but our best marketing tactic has always been lots of great content. It comes in many forms – informative articles, blog pages, detailed product descriptions, customers reviews, custom photos, and more. But we have never stopped creating useful content for our customers since day 1, and that’s how customers found us and why they stay with us."

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