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    Garage Ceiling and Overhead Storage Racks

    As a homeowner, you know how much space your gear can take up, whether it's in your garage, in your shed, or even in the space under your deck. Getting your gear organized in a place off the floor creates a much tidier and more appealing look to these spaces. Gear clutter is an eyesore, and working in a cluttered space adds stress that is easily avoided with the right storage. When you store your adventure gear or tools up and off the floor using overhead storage solutions, you have more control over your floor space. There are several benefits to using ceiling and overhead storage in your space. Let’s explore the advantages of overhead storage to determine if you need to reconsider how you store all your gear.

    One of the main benefits of ceiling and overhead storage is clear: the added floor space, of course. Storing your gear off the floor and on your ceiling gives you your floor space back, so you'll be free to use that space for other purposes. Many people use their garages and sheds as workspaces for home improvement, crafts, and hobbies. Ceiling storage will give you that extra space to work. Maybe you're familiar with the type of home where the garage is full of clutter and junk, but the cars are parked in the driveway. Overhead storage will help you use your garage for its original purpose—storing your car. Or, you may need the extra floor space for even more gear. Ceiling and overhead storage are not only useful for clearing up floor space in your home, garage, or storage shed; they can provide more organized and cleaner storage for the space under your deck. Clearing up this space opens a world of possibilities for your outdoor space. With the space you gain, you could build a patio or set up a sitting area to enjoy your yard even more. Ultimately, having added floor space can allow for more projects, leisure, and peace of mind.

    Another major benefit of ceiling and overhead storage is having more space for your gear without taking up prime real estate in your home! When you first think of where you are going to stow your gear, I’m sure "the ceiling" is not the first space that comes to mind. But taking advantage of the space over your head gives you a whole new level of storage. You're creating a new place for gear to go, instead of taking up your existing storage areas with kayaks, paddleboards, or snowboards. Not only will your space be more organized, but you will have more floor and wall space for wall hangings, furniture, your car, and more.

    Overhead storage also provides more safety and peace of mind for people who live in areas that are prone to flooding. If you live close to the shore or have flooding issues during storms, the items stored on the floor of your storage space are not safe. Your gear can get ruined by water damage. However, if you're using ceiling and overhead storage, stowing up high can prevent damage to your gear from the water. This isn't just limited to gear like boards and boats; StoreYourBoard racks are versatile and can accommodate the storage of all sorts of items. If you have something you'd like to store overhead for protection, one of our heavy-duty overhead storage solutions is bound to work for your items. Replacing gear due to water damage can be pricey. Avoid the possibility, and store your gear on the ceiling!

    At this point, you may be wondering about the accessibility of gear stored overhead. Your answer is simple: it's still pretty easy to get to your gear! Here at StoreYourBoard.com, we offer a variety of ceiling and overhead storage systems. Our hoists use a pulley system, so you can lift and lower your items while you stand on the ground. Other items, like the Hi-Port 2, have soft cushion padding on the arms that make it simple to slide gear on and off the rack without worrying about damages. We have a range of products for the range of accessibility needs. You'll want to consider ease of access when you're making your purchase decision. Part of the convenience of overhead storage is that it is also convenient to reach what you've stored. You can feel at ease knowing that the overhead racks we offer are not so complicated that you can't access your gear easily.

    And finally, let’s think about how overhead storage can save you money! If you have gear cluttering up your space, you may have considered buying a storage shed or renting a storage unit. When you consider installing overhead storage systems instead, you can store all your items at home, where you can have easy access to them. Renting a storage unit can end up costing hundreds of dollars a month. You could have more convenient storage right at home that doesn't charge by the month if you take advantage of ceiling space. If you have a small space, you don't necessarily have to look outside your home for gear storage. With all the overhead storage options, you can store more than it seems at first.

    Honestly, I think the list of benefits to storing your gear overhead could go on and on. We have already discovered that using your ceiling space can create added storage space, as well as free up your floor space. And we not only covered how beneficial added storage space could be, but we also learned that keeping your gear off the floor can prevent potential damage. You won't have to worry about replacing gear due to water damage! Also, even though your gear is out of reach overhead, there are several rack options for a range of gear accessibility. And, of course, everyone loves to save money. Don’t spend more paying for additional space; get the most bang for your buck by making use of the space you already have available: your ceiling! Now that we've covered ceiling storage advantages, let's go over the different types of ceiling and overhead storage. Which type of rack would work best for your gear and the lifestyle you live?

    Finding the Ceiling and Overhead Storage System That Works Best for You

    When you are considering ceiling and overhead storage, you have to think about a few main factors. This will help you determine which rack works best for you, the items you're planning to store, and the space where you are planning to install your storage system.

    First, think about where you are going to install your rack. Ceiling storage systems can work almost anywhere, as long as there is free space overhead with sturdy, secure rafters available. Are you planning to organize your garage? Are wondering if you can mount a system to the ceiling of your storage shed or under your deck? Well, the answer is yes! If there's a ceiling available, then overhead storage is a possibility for you. Wherever you decide to install your new organization system, you'll want to be sure that the ceiling has rafters. This is important to ensure that the rack is secured properly. 

    Next, consider the type of gear you are trying to stow. Whether you have kayaks, paddleboards, ladders, skis, or cargo boxes, there’s an overhead storage solution for it here at StoreYourBoard.com. To find the storage system that will work best for the type of gear you're planning to store, think about the weight, length, and width of your gear. These characteristics will help you narrow down which storage system will work best for you.

    At this time, you will also want to consider your capabilities and needs. Are you able to stand on a ladder if necessary to stow an item overhead? Are you able to lift the item on your own? How often do you need to access your gear? If you need a storage system that allows you to lift a heavy item singlehandedly, you may want to opt for a hoist, where you can secure the item on the ground and use a rope to lift it unassisted. If you're planning to stow your ladder overhead, you want to ensure that you can reach the storage rack without using a ladder. If you frequently need to access gear stored overhead, you'll want to get a storage rack that makes this simple for you in the location you've selected.

    Another important consideration is the amount of gear you need to store. Depending on the overhead storage system you choose, you may be able to store several items, or just one. For example, a Hi-Port Single can hold several ladders, if you stack them. However, a hoist can hold only one kayak. There are a range of options for your storage needs. Some ceiling racks have double-sided models, so you can hold double the amount of gear. If you have several large items, like kayaks or canoes, you will need to determine not only which rack will work for you, but how many you will need to accommodate storage for all of it.

    Types of Ceiling and Overhead Racks

    Now that you have thought about the space you are trying to get organized, the type of gear you have, and the amount of gear you have, let’s go over some of the different types of ceiling and overhead storage solutions that StoreYourBoard.com offers.

    Hi-Port 1

    The Hi-Port 1 ceiling rack has a simple, space-saving design for your home, garage, storage shed, or underside of your deck. The thoughtful construction of this overhead rack consists of a U-shaped bend with a slight upward angle to prevent the gear from rolling off. The arms are coated in heavy-duty foam that protects your items from scratches and dings during loading but also helps grip them so they are even more secure during storage. The Hi-Port 1 comes as pictured; no assembly is required. It's ready to be installed right out of the box and includes all mounting hardware.

    There are almost unlimited applications for the Hi-Port 1, but let's go over some of its most popular uses. Since it's not made to store one specific type of gear, it can accommodate almost anything: surfboards, paddleboards, skis, snowboards, ladders, and more.

    The Hi-Port 1 Surfboard Ceiling Rack can stow several boards at once. Simply stack them on top of each other to make the most use of the storage space. Each component has a height of 11 inches and a length of 27 inches, which is plenty of room to store multiples. It's not only a great storage solution, but it's a way to put your boards on display, instead of hiding them away in a closet.

    The Hi-Port 1 SUP Ceiling Rack will be able to keep your paddleboards organized, as well. This rack is versatile, making it easy for you to store just your paddleboards, or both your surfboards and paddleboards. The rack can hold up to 50 lbs, so storing a variety of boards can be done with ease. Depending on how many boards you store on the rack, you could also stow extra gear, such as paddles or dry bags. 

    The Hi-Port 1 Ski & Snowboard Ceiling Rack can help you organize all of your winter sports gear. Whether your sport of choice is snowboarding or skiing (or both!), this ceiling storage mount will help with your gear organization needs. The open-end of the U-shape design will give you easy access to your skis or snowboards. This rack can hold either four pairs of skis or two snowboards. Or, if you have both, it can hold two pairs of skis and one snowboard!

    Hi-Port 2 Ceiling Rack

    The Hi-Port 2 is another versatile overhead storage solution. This option stands out thanks to its adjustable center post and its 90-degree rotational base. The post can be adjusted from 10 inches to 18 inches from the ceiling. You can either extend the post to accommodate the storage of larger items, or you can retract the post to reduce the amount of space it takes up overhead and give you greater clearance below. The 90-degree rotational base makes it so this rack can work on any ceiling, regardless of which direction your ceiling rafters go. You can install it so the arms of the rack run parallel or perpendicular to the rafters. The arms of the rack have a slight upward angle to keep your gear secure, and they are coated in heavy-duty foam for the ultimate grip and protection. If you don't need arms on both sides, they are removable. This rack is entirely customizable to fit your space and your gear. The rock-solid Hi-Port 2 is made from solid steel and includes upgraded mounting hardware. You'll feel at ease knowing you have the toughest rack out there storing your gear.

    The versatility of the Hi-Port 2 makes it a top-tier storage option for any area of your home. Let's go over some of the uses of this adaptable storage rack.

    The Hi-Port 2 Kayak Ceiling Rack is a solid steel storage solution that holds 150 lbs total, or 75 lbs per side. This makes it heavy-duty enough for holding up to two large kayaks. With support arms 30 inches in length, the rack is wide enough to hold almost any kayak. Many people find it useful to install this rack on the underside of their deck, so their kayak is not buffeted directly by the elements, but it's tucked away enough that it doesn't get in the way.

    Kayaks aren’t the only water sports gear that this rack can work for! The Hi-Port 2 Multi SUP & Surfboard Ceiling Rack can get all your boards up off your floor and stowed overhead. Since the center post is adjustable, it's simple to customize it to fit whatever you want to store. You can stack your boards to get the most storage out of this rack. And with the no-slip padding, your boards are sure to stay in place and be safely secured on this overhead storage rack.

    Next, let’s consider the storage of an essential household item: a ladder! The Hi-Port 2 Overhead Ladder Storage Rack is the perfect solution for getting your ladders off the floor or keeping them from leaning against the wall. Ladders can be very lengthy and space-consuming, and we don’t want them leaning on the wall causing scratches and damage. This rack can be adjusted to fit your ladder storage needs. Just drop that center post, and start stacking your ladders. The Hi-Port 2 is especially convenient for ladders since it comes in two parts, and you can install the two pieces whatever distance from each other works for you. Secure the rack with the locking pins to prevent any accidental movement, and you're good to go.

    Ceiling Pulley Hoists

    Hoists are pulley systems mounted to your ceiling that can be used to lift your gear up and down at your convenience. We have a variety of hoists to accommodate all sorts of gear. The hoist you choose depends on the gear you're storing. Learn about the differences between our hoists—the Essential Hoist and the Teal Triangle Elite Hoist—using our hoist purchase guide. Once you understand the difference between these two products, you can make an informed purchase decision that will make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.