5 Bike Essentials to Simplify Cycling Season

If you enjoy cycling, you know that all you really need is your bike and the open road.

But let’s be real—what biking enthusiast is content with just a bike? StoreYourBoard‘s team of adventure lovers has compiled a list of the top bike gear you need if you want to make cycling simpler and more fun this season.

1. Hitch Mount

If you often hit the road with your bike attached to a hitch rack on your car, then you know how much of a pain those racks are when you’re not using them. They tend to sit on the floor of the garage until you’re ready to use them again, causing unnecessary clutter.

The Hitch Rack Wall Mount is the space-saving, organized solution to this problem. This sturdy wall rack will give your hitch rack a designated place to stay up and off he floor, so it’s no longer a tripping hazard. The heavy-duty design, when installed into a wall stud, can hold up to 175 lbs.

Hitch racks are an expensive investment; you want the best for your bike when it’s being transported on the back of your car. Use the Hitch Mount to keep your hitch rack in the best working condition, keeping it safe from wear and tear on the floor of your garage.

2. EVOC Bike Travel Case

Traveling with a bike has never been easier. The EVOC Bike Travel Case is the all-in-one travel bag of your dreams. Not only does it have separate compartments for your bike frame and the wheels, but it comes with its own set of wheels for rolling the case. You’ll be able to get your bike from here to there with minimal effort, whether that’s to your car in the driveway or across the country on a plane.

In addition to smooth-skating wheels, the case features interior fiberglass support rods to hold shape and reinforce the walls of the case, four handles for ease of carrying, and lockable zippers for added security.

This case gives you peace of mind because you know that its heavy-duty padding and security are keeping your bike in top condition. Whether being handled by luggage carriers on a plane or stored in the bed of a truck going down the road, your bike and gear will be protected and organized.

If you’re wondering if this case is a good match for your bike, here are the storage specifications for what bikes fit inside: Road, Triathalon, Cross Country and Mountain Bikes (including Freeride, Downhill and 650b bikes). It can fit bikes up to 29".

3. Minimalist Bike Rack

For cycling enthusiasts, putting one of your bikes on display is a great way to incorporate your interests into home decor. The Minimalist Bike Rack can go in your garage or in your home to become a part of your interior design.

When you’re putting a bike on a rack on the wall, you want to know that it’s strong enough. As with all StoreYourBoard products, the Minimalist Bike Rack is an expertly-designed, heavy duty bike rack that supports bikes up to 50 lbs when installed properly into wall studs. In addition, the rubber coating on the bike hook grips your bike for secure storage, as well as protecting the frame from scratches.

With this rack, you’ll have not only a great way to show off your bike, but also a great storage option—for one bike, or for a whole collection!

4. Swivel Bike Rack

For the ultimate space-saving bike storage, try the Swivel Bike Rack. This bike rack was designed by one of our own cycling enthusiasts, so you know you can trust it with your own beloved bikes. Load your bike, then swivel it to the side to lay flat against the wall and give you your space back. The rack holds bikes up to 75 lbs when installed properly into a wall stud. You can be assured that your bike wheels are protected, too, with the rubber-coated hook that grips the wheel while also protecting it from scratches and damage.

This item is now available in 2 packs and 4 packs, as well, to organize your collection of bikes.

5. EVOC Frame Pack

One thing everyone with a bike should have: a bike bag! No matter where you’re going or for how long, it’s important to carry essentials like your phone, a bike lock, bike tools, and your wallet or ID. They’re great for tucking away your items so you don’t have to carry a bag or backpack wherever you go, throwing off your balance when cycling.

This style is lightweight and waterproof for all-weather riding. It secures to the bike in the main triangle by attaching to the top tube, seat tube, and down tube for out-of-the-way storage. This is the convenient and practical essentials bag that every rider needs.