The 3 Most Popular Kayak Storage Racks

When your time on the water comes to an end, and it’s time to pack your kayak away, it can be hard to know what type of storage is best.

Take it from kayak owners like you—below are the three top-selling kayak storage racks. From this selection, you’re sure to find kayak storage that fits your space.

1. G-Watersport

Storing your watercraft inside is great if you have a lot of extra space, but most people don’t. That’s why outdoor storage is so in demand. It allows you to store large and bulky items like kayaks in a place where they don’t constantly get in the way, like preventing you from parking your car in the garage or simply being an eyesore or tripping hazard.

Many opt for freestanding storage because the design provides the flexibility to move as needed. It also ensures damage-free installation, which is optimal for renters and others who don’t want to drill holes in their structures. The top choice for freestanding storage is the G-Watersport. Choose between 2, 3, and 4 adjustable levels for all types of watercraft. It can be used both indoor and outdoor, but its weatherproof design and stainless steel hardware make it a great fit for outdoor storage in both saltwater and freshwater environments. It can even be situated right by the water for convenient access—where better to store your kayaks than right where you need them?

Customer reviews call out the sturdiness, visual appeal, and ease of assembly. With the capacity to hold up to 300 lbs, your kayak collection will be right at home.

2. Outdoor Kayak Storage Rack

Wall-mounted outdoor storage provides an extra level of space efficiency to outdoor storage. It helps you take advantage of unused areas like fences, underneath decks, and on the sides of a shed. Once installed, you can store kayaks without taking up any ground space in your yard. This is especially valuable in smaller outdoor areas where it’s important to maximize every inch of space. But, even in large outdoor settings, this style of storage makes a yard look very put-together.

Space efficiency, convenience, and visual appeal make the Outdoor Kayak Storage Rack a top pick for people looking to organize their kayaks and reclaim their space. It has four adjustable levels for storing kayaks (and canoes, paddleboards, and more) of all shapes and sizes. The rack itself takes up a minimal amount of space, and the stackable storage design helps you maximize storage capacity in that space. It can even be mounted between deck support posts and unused stretches of fencing, creating storage space out of thin air. And, each arm features a loop for tie-down straps or locking cables for worry-free security.

One of the top features mentioned in reviews is the quality and sturdiness of the rack. It’s made from heavy-duty steel and aluminum, and it holds up to 400 lbs total. Between rock solid materials and industrial-grade welding, this kayak storage rack is designed to withstand the elements and built to last.

3. Kayak Ceiling Hoist

Because of how bulky kayaks are, indoor storage can be tough to find. One of the most convenient places for storage is commonly overlooked by those looking to get organized: the ceiling. There is a swath of unused space over your head where you can store items without cluttering up the ground level, and it is greatly underutilized. Especially in small places where you need every inch of wall and floor space, overhead storage can help you get the most out of your home.

The Kayak Ceiling Hoist is a top seller at StoreYourBoard for helping people maximize their storage abilities. It not only works for kayaks, but also cargo boxes, bikes, paddleboards, and more. This heavy duty storage solutions holds up to 150 lbs and has a mechanical advantage of 2 to 1, meaning that it will feel like you’re lifting half the weight of the object. The design lays flush against the ceiling, saving you even more space.

Although it’s simple to use the pulley to lower and raise your gear, the Kayak Ceiling Hoist is especially convenient for seasonal items like kayaks that you don’t use year-round. When your watercraft is stored overhead, you can essentially forget about it until it’s time to bring it out again. Since you won’t be constantly tripping over it or complaining about how cluttered it makes your space, it will truly bring a sense of calm to your home.

Reviewers mention how easy and clear the instructions are, especially compared to similar products you might find on other retail sites. They also appreciate how easy it is to raise the item and still be able to use the garage door and park their car. The Kayak Ceiling Hoist is more than just a kayak rack; it’s a tool to help you transform your space.