Build Your Own Adventure Garage

For homeowners, HGTV is a go-to spot for finding home design and renovation ideas. From furniture to storage to decor inspiration, their shows have featured the most up-to-date and stylish products to transform any space.

We’re excited to announce that our products made it to the big screen—featured on HGTV’s Rock the Block! We teamed up with designer Kristina Crestin to outfit a home’s “adventure garage.”

Imagine a space where functional gear storage meets decor, and your project workspace becomes a place where you can kick back, relax, and share drinks with friends. This, in essence, is the adventure garage. Interested in making your own? Check out the storage solutions featured on Rock the Block, and get inspired to build your own adventure garage!

1. Swivel Bike Rack

Bikes are notoriously inconvenient to store when not in use. Without proper storage, they can take over your available garage space, leaving little room for activities and other gear organization—plus, they make your space look cluttered.

The Swivel Bike Rack helps you take back your space. With this space-saving solution for the problem of bike storage, you can show off your bike, clear garage space, and add unique decor to your newly-christened “adventure garage.”

Once you load your bike onto the rack, you can swivel it to the side to maximize space. It’s a near-instantaneous way to open up your garage for more than just storage. With all your new open space, you’ll have a blank slate to customize your leveled-up adventure garage to your liking!

2. G-Hike & Camp

It may be called the G-Hike & Camp, but this rack plus shelf setup is completely versatile and useful for organizing more than just hiking and camping gear!

With customizable attachments and flexible installation arrangements, you can tailor this rack to suit your gear and space. Install one at hip height for accessible shelving or stack two wall systems to maximize wall space—or both, like in the above image from HGTV. Use the shelf for bins, boxes, coolers, and more. The storage hooks below the shelf can hold all the rest: climbing gear, tents, camping chairs, backpacks, helmets, and more.

3. Swivel Kayak Rack

Like bikes, kayaks are another type of adventure gear that can really clutter up a garage if you don’t have proper storage. The Swivel Kayak Rack is a convenient home base for your watercraft, so you can get your kayaks up and off the floor. And, since we’re talking about functional decor for an adventure garage, the Swivel Kayak Rack also serves as a display. It helps you show off not only your kayak, but your interest in adventure.

And, when not in use, the rack is designed to swivel flush against. This feature gives allows you to maximize space in your adventure garage as needed. 

4. BLAT Ski Rack

Level up your garage space with heavy-duty yet compact ski storage that gets the job done. The BLAT Ski Rack is a solid steel, wall-mounted storage solution for your skis and poles. It will organize all your winter gear while taking up a minimal amount of wall space. Your skis will look great and stay in great condition for the coming seasons!

Plus, install is a breeze. Opt for the BLAT Ski Rack if you prefer compact wall racks that require no assembly. While some ski racks come in multiple parts and require a bit of labor on your end before use, the BLAT Ski Rack is ready to go straight out of the box.

5. Snowboard Cinch

Turn your snowboard gear into decor during the off-season with the Snowboard Cinch.

This minimalist storage solution is an unobtrusive way to keep gear stored securely while giving you a chance to show off your board’s design. There’s no longer a need to stow your gear deep in a closet to gather dust; this rack lets your skills and style shine.

6. G-Shelf

Every garage needs some slick storage space. The G-Shelf is a heavy-duty, two-level rack that supports up to 200 lbs. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up more space than necessary, but large enough to hold any gear your adventure garage needs. Whether you need a little extra space for some six-packs or your home gym equipment, the G-Shelf can handle it.

7. Metal Pegboard System

A garage isn’t a garage without your tools. This Metal Pegboard System provides a sleek, functional, and accessible place to organize your tool collection. Setup is in your court—the system is fully customizable with a variety of attachments to arrange as you see fit. Why let someone else put your tools in order when you know your system best? It includes premium attachments, like a magnetic tool bar, baskets, and more so all your most-used tools are on deck and project-ready.

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