10 Genius Ways to Store Your Paddle Board

Paddle board experts and beginners alike know that proper storage is key for keeping your space organized and your boards in optimal condition for hitting the water. A good storage rack can make all the difference, but with so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the right one for you and your gear.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of different paddle board storage solutions. Whether you need robust outdoor storage or minimalist indoor rack for display, we’ve got you covered with the best solutions to protect your investment and keep your boards accessible.

1. Minimalist SUP Display Rack

If you need a paddle board storage rack that helps your show off your interests while protecting your gear and keeping your space organized, look no further. 

The Minimalist SUP Display Rack is a perfect addition to your indoor storage and home decor. The understated design disappears into the background so your board can take the spotlight. Plus, it's made of 100% rust-free aluminum and felt-lined to protect your SUP at points of contact.

This rack also has a simple installation process. Your order comes with the two sides of the rack, wood wall screws, and mounting instructions. With no assembly required, this storage solution couldn't be simpler. 

2. Freestanding 4-Level Outdoor Rack

SUP enthusiasts with a large collection of boards need tough and sturdy storage to get the job done. It's a bonus if your chosen storage solution is weatherproof for easy waterside access.

The Teal Triangle G-Watersport fits the bill for heavy-duty, multi-SUP storage you can trust. Its freestanding design means you don't have to drill into your walls, and it's transportable for convenient rearranging. If you move, it's easy to take along with you to your next place. 

Teal Triangle G-Watersport

And, if you don't have four paddle boards, surfboards, or kayaks to fill up the rack, it also comes in 2- and 3-level options.

3. One-Sided Ceiling or Wall Rack

Not sure of the best place for paddle board storage? The Hi-Port 1 can give you some flexibility. The U-shaped design works for both wall and ceiling installation. Whether you want easy grab-and-go access on the wall or out-of-the-way storage to take advantage of overhead space, the Hi-Port 1 is adaptable for your needs.

4. Indoor 4-Level Rack

Although it's convenient to store paddle boards by the water, it isn't always the best longterm storage option. Indoor storage protects your boards from UV damage, winds, theft, and more. Plus, it's convenient for seasonal storage, so the boards you've invested in don't stay outside all winter, exposed to the elements.

The Indoor G-Vert Paddleboard Storage Rack is an adjustable wall rack with four levels for storing a whole horde of paddle boards. Take advantage of garage or shed space to keep your boards organized and secure. With padded and adjustable arms, you'll find that it fits any size paddle board (or even surfboard!).

5. Outdoor 4-Level Rack

The Outdoor G-Vert Paddleboard Storage Rack provides most of the same features as the indoor version, except this one is weatherproof. It's convenient for storage under decks, on the sides of sheds, on fences, on boathouses, and more. If your indoor space is too full to store your collection inside, this rack will help you take advantage of all your available outdoor space.

To protect from wind and theft, each arm has an anchor point loop for anchoring your board with bungee cords or locking cables. And if you're worried about damage from the elements, you can always pair this rack with a protective paddle board bag or cover.

6. Dock Rack

Where better to store paddle boards than right on the water where you need them?

The Buck Woodcraft SUP Rack is made from weatherproof, marine-grade plastic that stands up against the elements. Install it right on your dock for convenient paddle boarding, and store up to three boards at a time. It is lock-compatible, so you can protect your boards from flying away in the wind by using cords or cables.

7. Over-the-Water Dock Rack

Waterside storage is the way to go for convenience and accessibility. But finding a rack with an over-the-water design is even more convenient because it gives you extra storage space without blocking your walkways.

The Paddleboard Dock Storage Rack's over-the-water design takes up only about 10 inches of dock space and holds the bulk of the storage out of the way. This design can help you take advantage of storage space you didn't have before.

Like the Outdoor G-Vert Paddleboard Rack, this rack also has anchor points for ultimate security. If you're lucky enough to have waterfront space, you should save yourself the time and energy of lugging your boards to the water and back every time. Opt for the storage rack that provides the most convenience!

8. Log Rack

If you like the sturdiness and convenience of the racks mentioned above, but want something with a little more character, the Freestanding Log Rack collection may have what you're looking for. 

These real-wood racks are made from American Cedar and come in 3 different finishes to bring a touch of rustic style to your yard. In addition to finishes, you also have several styles to pick from; get the best fit for your gear and space by selecting one-sided or two-sided and the number of storage levels you need.

9. Hoist

Short on storage space in your home? Try expanding your efforts to the ceiling! By installing storage overhead, you're making use of space that otherwise would have stayed empty. 

The SUP and Surfboard Ceiling Hoist is a heavy-duty pulley system that helps you secure your gear overhead and clear floor space. With a 150-lb weight limit and a 2:1 mechanical advantage, hoisting heavier gear is made simple. Some paddle boards are simply massive and take up way to much space on the ground or wall. This type of board is a perfect option for hoisting overhead; you get all the fun of having the paddle board without any of the frustration that lack of storage space brings.

This hoist in particular is a great choice because of its versatility; it works for ceiling joists that run parallel or perpendicularly. It's also convenient for ladder-free loading and unloading. Once installed, you can access your hoisted gear by using the pulley system.

10. Two-Sided Adjustable Ceiling Rack

Do you like the sound of a ceiling rack, but have multiple boards to store? The Hi-Port 2 provides double the storage capability! With this rack, you would be able to store two paddle boards (or kayaks, surfboards, ladders, and more!).

Its double-sided, highly-adjustable design helps you make the most of your space. The T-shaped base adjusts to be closer or further away from the ceiling. It also has 90 degree rotation to work with most styles of ceiling joists. And, for extra security, the no-slip, foam- padded arms also have a slight upward angle to ensure that your gear doesn’t slide off the rack during storage.