Swivel Bike Rack Guide: How to Store Bikes Efficiently

Whether you have one bike or a whole collection of them, organizing them can be difficult due to their size and shape. For preserving space in your garage while keeping bikes neat and ready for adventure, the Swivel Bike Rack is a space-efficient option.

With its ability to swivel, you can fold bikes flat against the wall, opening your space up for walkways, parking your car, working on projects, and more.

What Makes the Swivel Bike Rack Different From Other Bike Racks?

The Swivel Bike Rack is a small wall mount installed on a single stud. It holds the bike tire with a rubber-coated hook and swivels in both directions for space-saving storage. Thanks to its understated design, it allows you to organize your bikes without taking over your whole wall with clunky storage racks.

It includes a locking mechanism for secure loading and unloading, as well as to keep the bike firmly in place during storage. Many other swiveling bike racks rotate freely without the option to lock.

The rack also includes a rear tire catch—the bike’s rear wheel rests against it to swivel in place.

What Bikes Can I Store On It?

The Swivel Bike Rack works for bikes of all kinds, including mountain bikes, road bikes, kids’ bikes, e-bikes, beach cruisers, bikes with fenders, and more. Its design is customizable to suit nearly any bicycle.

Some considerations for determining if the Swivel Bike Rack will work for you:

  • Weight - The rack supports a maximum of 50 lbs when installed properly into wall studs.
  • Wheel Size - The rack works for bike tires up to 2.6" wide and up to 29" in diameter. It does not work for fat tire bikes.

How High Should I Install the Rack?

Our recommendation is the length of your bike minus 3".

Measure your bike from tire to tire. Starting from the floor, take this measurement minus 3" to find the top hole marking location.

If you have several bikes to store, you can do this process for all of them. If they are different sizes, the Swivel Bike racks will be mounted at varying heights. If you want to mount your Swivel Bike racks in a straight line on your wall, you should measure your largest bike to determine the highest mounting hole. Note that mounting smaller bikes at this height may require more lifting for loading and unloading.

How Far Apart Should I Install Two or More?

To ensure that your bikes swivel fully flat against the wall, we recommend leaving about 20"-25" between each rack. Remember that the racks must be installed into wall studs, so the actual distance will vary from structure to structure.

The spacing also varies based on the size of your bikes. For example, kids’ bikes require less space between them for maximum swiveling. Larger bikes, on the other hand, may bump into each other if they are mounted close enough.

However, it is possible to store bikes on neighboring wall studs, even if they touch when swiveled. You will still be able to swivel your bikes to the side, but you may not be able to benefit from the full range of swiveling. With the locking mechanism, the bikes can stay locked in place regardless of the setup.

If you’re worried about bikes touching during storage, another option is to stagger your Swivel Bike racks when mounting. That way, when you swivel them to the side, the handlebars and pedals are less likely to overlap, allowing for a more complete swivel.

However, that spacing between the racks is just recommended, not a requirement. At the StoreYourBoard headquarters, we’ve installed the Swivel Bike racks every which way—in some cases, we have mounted them on neighboring 18" wall studs.

Mounted on neighboring wall studs, 18" apart.

Mounted with one wall stud between.

If you’re worried about setup, just know that the Swivel Bike racks are incredibly versatile and support many different configurations. Whether you opt for wider spacing or decide to mount them on neighboring studs, the key is to ensure secure storage on wall studs for easy access and efficient storage. With a little planning, you’ll be able to create the most convenient bike storage solution that works for your home or garage.

If you have any more questions about the Swivel Bike Rack, please reach out to us at info@storeyourboard.com, and we'd be happy to help!