Buying the Proper Ski Boots

Ski boots are the most important part of your skiing package. Aside from the fact that you definitely will not enjoy your time on the slopes if your feet hurt or if your feet are cold, it is important to understand that your boots are the key to your skiing performance.

The most important rule for buying that first pair of boots is go to a reputable ski shop, preferably a specialty store with experienced salespeople who are themselves skiers. Better yet, search out a store with boot certified sales and service personnel. Either by reputation or, on the advice of friends who are familiar with your area ski shops, pick out one you feel comfortable dealing with. You want to trust their judgment as to the fit of the boots.

Try Several Brands of Ski Boots Not all boots are created equal. Some brands have wider widths, others run larger or smaller. Try your boots on with the socks that you will be wearing skiing. Ski boots are designed to be snug, so, you don't want to try on boots with heavier socks than you will be wearing on the slopes. Experts will need stiffer boots than beginners, because they respond more effectively to the movement of your legs. Try boots on later in the day because your feet tend to swell as the day progresses.

Most good quality ski boots can compensate for minor adjustments that may be needed to keep your stance on skis in alignment with the flat of your ski on the snow. However, there are people who need further adjustment to compensate for any number of physical miscues in their stance.

There are trained "boot fitters" who go to school to learn how to fit ski boots to the individual skier. Being knock-kneed, bowlegged, or having ankle tilting problems can be remedied through proper boot fitting. Foot or ankle issues should ideally be addressed when purchasing boots, because skiing in boots that will transmit your commands to your skis is the whole idea of enjoying the sport. A fitting can easily take more than an hour, so, give yourself plenty of time to shop.

Pricing varies depending on brand and quality of the boot. Typically, beginner boots will cost less than expert boots. Prices can range from $100 for low-end basic boots, to hundreds of dollars for custom fitted boots.

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