Easy Skateboarding Tricks

When you are first beginning to skateboard, you may become disappointed quickly because you just can’t do all those cool tricks you see on TV. However, you can learn how to do a few basic skateboarding tricks to impress your friends, show off the skills you’ve learned, and hopefully get you one step closer to being able to do all of those tricks the pros can do. Here are a few tricks that even beginning skateboarders can master:

The ollie is a favorite trick of most skateboarders, and it is the one that most boarders learn first. Start by taking your board from your feet as you jump off it. Then replace your board under your feet, and land back on the board as you come down from the jump. The key to learning how to ollie is remembering to control the skateboard with your hand as you also watch where your feet are moving. This hand-eye coordination is essential to learning more advanced skateboarding tricks.

A beginning style of flip trick you can try is the Kickflip, which is based on the Ollie. While you are in the air, spin the skateboard 360 degrees, and then land on it. The key to this trick is making sure that the skateboard flips all the way around; otherwise, you will be trying to land on a skateboard that is upside down. This is one of the ways you can slowly add to these simple tricks, making them more complicated as you gain more skills with your skateboard.

The bomb drop is done when you are boarding down a flight of stairs. Jump first, with the board in your hands. Bring it up to your feet while in midair, similar to the first trick. To master this trick, start with a very small staircase. Be sure to wear your helmet and other safety padding; falling down a flight of stairs is not safe, and it can hurt!

Another trick you can do on stairs is the firecracker. As you are traveling down the flight of stairs, shift some weight onto your back foot. This will cause the back edge of your board to hit the steps, making a loud noise as it hits each step.

Another category of tricks involves those done on the lip of half pipes or ramps. This requires a great deal of balance. One beginner trick for the ramp is a nose stall; reach the top of the ramp, and then lean on the nose, or front end, of the skateboard once before coming back.

Like all sports tricks, mastering skateboarding tricks does take concentration, practice, and patience. Do not expect to be able to do all of these tricks the moment you step onto a skateboard. First, you’ll need to learn how to balance and move with a skateboard under your feet. Don’t try tricks that you aren’t ready to perform yet. If you don’t have the skills to control your body and the board, you can end up hurting yourself.