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    10 products

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    Everyone has a wakeboard rack for your boat, right? So why doesn’t everyone have a wakeboard wall rack to store and display their wakeboard in their house when they aren’t out for a glassy session stomping 540s? We know you have more room in your house than a boat but it is much better to have your wakeboards organized and stored properly rather than just leaving them in your boat where it will not dry properly and you run the risk of getting them stolen. So you say I can’t find any racks as cool as the ones for boats, well is here to help. We have innovative, stylish wakeboard wall racks to complement your own style and display your wakeboard properly. You bought this awesome board, why throw it in a closet? We also have a selection of WakeSkate wall racks and WakeSurf wall racks. is the only place to get a quality wakeboard wall rack to store and display your wakeboard. We know wakeboarding is all about getting out on the boat, pwc, or cable and shredding the glass and stomping new tricks but what do you do with your wakeboard when you can't be out on the water? You need a wakeboard wall rack!

    Can't Decide? Check out our Wakeboard Wall Racks Guru Suggestions

    Where do you store your wakeboard? If you are like most people you just drop it wherever around the house, keep it in the boat, or stash it in a closet. There are a couple of reasons we would not recommend this for wakeboard storage:

    • It's your Wakeboard - treat it with some respect! You spent a lot of hard-earned money and time to find and buy the perfect wakeboard(s) you should really take care of it so it lasts or at least until you snap it on a sick rail press or huge double-up.
    • Chips, Dings, and Scratches make your wakeboard look ugly and scratch boat interiors.
    • Bindings need to be properly dried out after riding. Leaving your board in your damp boat will cause mold growth and start to deteriorate your bindings.
    • When your buddies/crew want to go out for a session you don't want to be held up looking for your board
    • The designs and artwork on wakeboards are pretty sweet these days - Display your Wakeboard! Wouldn't your new wakeboard mounted in your bedroom, basement, living room, or garage look killer? (Warning: Non-Wakeboarding Significant others might not appreciate your board in the family room. But we are sure you can find somewhere in or around the house to hang it.)
    • Tired of tripping over your wakeboard lying on the floor or other housemates (wife, husband, mom, etc) complaining about your wakeboard lying around in the way - You need a wakeboard rack!

    If you can relate to these wakeboard storage problems or just want a really cool or really functional wakeboard wall rack - we are here to help you out. StoreYourboard prides itself on offering quality wakeboard wall racks and is constantly creating more racks to better suit our customers. If you have something in mind let us know – we might be able to make it happen.

    You will see our selection of wakeboard wall racks, wakeboard mounts, and holders, wakeboard displays, and wakeboard storage above.

    Wakeboard Rack Guru

    To help your selection check out what our in-house Wakeboard Rack Guru suggests:

    Wakeboard Display - Looking to show off your wakeboard in style? These racks will complement your prized wakeboard. Mount your wakeboard in a prominent spot and let everyone see your ride. Store your wakeboard and have it look great too.

    Single Wakeboard (Of course you could buy more than one)
    1) Scorpion Wakeboard Wall Rack In my opinion this is the coolest-looking rack. The edgy design cut from top-grade aluminum looks awesome with a wakeboard. The thing to consider is that this rack sticks off the wall about 12”. If you need a more compact solution see the Upright Logo Wakeboard Wall Rack

    2) Upright Logo Wakeboard Wall Rack This is a quality rack at a great price. The simple design with the classic scorpion logo is a great way to show off your wakeboard. The upright design lets the entire front side of your wakeboard be clearly seen. This rack is very compact and only hangs off the wall 6”.

    1) Premium Wood Wakeboard Wall Rack If you prefer the more traditional style and elegance of wood this rack is an excellent choice. What better way to display your wakeboard than on a fine furniture quality rack?
    2) Upright Wood Wakeboard Wall Mount Like the metal racks, if you prefer wood and want a compact upright style this is the rack for you. The upright wood wakeboard wall holder keeps your board close to the wall and shows the full front graphic off in style

    1) The Claw Wakeboard Wall Rack This rack will hold two wakeboards and make them look great. The design is similar to popular board wakeboard racks but this is specifically designed to be mounted on your wall. This rack is great because it is both stylish and compact.

    Wakeboard Storage/Display Our racks are great options for wakeboard storage. They are sturdy racks that will keep your boards organized and out of the way. Our racks are easily stackable so buy more than one and hold an entire board quiver! Great for the garage, boat house basement, and closet.