4 Space-Saving Bike Storage Ideas

As much fun as bikes are on the road or trail, their size and shape can cause difficulty when storing them at home. Many bike storage options take up a ton of space themselves, making it hard to find a place where even your storage isn’t in your way. At StoreYourBoard, we’ve curated a list of bike racks that take up minimal space for maximum storage, no matter how many bikes you have.

1. Minimalist Bike Rack

Combine space-efficient storage with decor that shows off your hobby. The Minimalist Bike Rack displays and stores bikes by gripping the top tube. Once mounted into a wall stud, this rack can support up to 50 lbs.

Minimalist Bike Storage for home, garage or shed

This is perfect for space-saving organization, especially if your garage area is a little crowded. And, if you live in a small apartment or home without a garage, you don’t have to worry about installing an industrial-looking storage solution in your indoor space—this rack is made for the indoors, so it will complement your home decor rather than detract from it. It’s understated and minimalist, so your bike can take center stage.

2. Swivel Bike Rack

Mount, swivel, and reclaim your space. Other styles of bike racks may get your bike off the ground, but they also take up your walking space and make it difficult to park a car in your garage. With the Swivel Bike Rack’s rotating design, this ultimate space-saving bike rack allows you to store your ride nearly flush with the wall, so you don’t lose real estate in the organization process.

Swivel Bike Rack

It’s a perfect solution for just one bike, but also for multi-bike storage. As long as it’s installed into a wall stud, you can line your garage with as many Swivel Bike Racks as you have bikes.

3. Double Bike Freestanding Rack

If you’re someone who prefers (or needs) to store their bike indoors, but you hate the amount of space it takes up, this one’s for you. When it comes to bike storage, there’s no better way to get the most bang for your buck than two-level storage—one bike on top of the other.

Double Freestanding Bike Rack

The Double Bike Freestanding raises your bikes off the ground enough that you’re no longer tripping over pedals or handlebars. But, it keeps your bikes accessible enough that they’re easy to grab and go. Since these racks are so convenient for apartments, it’s also important to note that this rack is renter-friendly: you don’t need to make any holes in your walls to use it.

4. BLAT Bike Rack

When you have up to four bikes, they can create serious clutter. In addition to being an eyesore, that many bikes is likely to make it impossible to park your car in your garage. And, not having proper storage is bike damage waiting to happen. Getting them off the ground is a great first step for your reorganization game.

Heavy Duty Bicycle Storage Rack for Garage

The BLAT Bike Rack holds up to four bikes and 200 lbs, and it only takes up 36 inches of wall space. With this small wall footprint, you get heavy-duty bike storage that takes up a minimal amount of space. Keep your bikes protected, organized, and accessible, all at the same time.