Bike Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Whether you’re a serious cycling enthusiast or someone who is just getting started with biking, having the right gear makes your outing much more enjoyable.

We have the best accessories to upgrade your ride and make storage a piece of cake.


When you’re pedaling around, you don’t want a backpack on your shoulders shifting your weight and throwing off your center of balance. But depending on where you’re going and how long you’ll be riding around, you may still need a way to carry your essentials.

Luckily, we have a variety of bags for anywhere on your bike, from the handlebars to the top tube. You don’t have to stop at one bag; get one for every part of your bike and load them up. You don’t have to worry; they were all designed with cycling in mind, so they’re lightweight, weather resistant, and aerodynamic!

The handlebar bag is the classic, grown-up version of the bike basket you may have had as a kid. The EVOC Bike Handlebar Pack fits road, mountain, gravel, and beach bikes. It’s made of a waterproof material, and it has rolltop opening on both sides for easy access. Because of its rolltop design, the capacity is adjustable. You can roll it smaller for a light bike ride, or fill it to capacity (2.5 L).

Another type of bag is the frame pack. This style attaches to the top tube of your bike. Some go on top of the top tube, and some are designed to fit below it in the open space between the components of the bike frame. Because it’s the lowest stowaway place on a bike, this lower style of frame pack is ideal for your heaviest items. Storing heavy items lower on the bike keeps your bike’s center of gravity low.

The EVOC Bike Frame Pack hangs below the top tube, in the space between the other parts of the bike frame. It has a large 3.5 L capacity, which is great for bigger and heavier items. The bag has two full length zippered pockets with partitions inside. It’s made of weatherproof and abrasion-resistant materials, so you don’t have to worry about scratching up your bike frame.

The EVOC Top Tube Pack attaches to the top of the top tube, near the handlebars, for easy access. You won’t have to park your bike to unzip the bag. It has a sealed zipper compartment with mesh pockets inside for smaller items. The whole bag is weatherproof, so it would be perfect for all-weather riding.

If you need more storage than a small bike pack while cycling and don’t mind an over-the-shoulder bag, look into Dry Packs! They are heavy-duty and constructed with watertight welds for the ultimate water protection. The padding is breathable, and purchase includes a hip strap for stabilization for heavy items or on longer trips.


When not in use, your bike deserves the best protection to keep it in shape. If you travel with your bike, you want to be sure it’s completely shielded from scratches and other damages. The EVOC Padded Bike Cover cushions your bike frame, chain, and other components during transport. This padding will keep your bike safe and covered whether you’re storing it at home, taking it on a bus or train, or mounting it to the bike hitch rack on your car.

Bike bags and covers for storage and transport are made to make your life simpler. You can carry all your essentials on the go, or feel at ease knowing that padding and covers are keeping your ride safe from the elements or damage during transport. When it comes to cycling accessories, StoreYourBoard has a great selection of high-quality items you can trust.