How Fast Can I Drive with a Board or Boat Rack on My Rooftop?

StoreYourBoard sells two kind of roof racks: hard racks and soft strapping systems. Both of these styles can be used to transport your gear on the freeway or highway, but there are some factors to consider before you hit the road.

Hard Racks that attach to crossbars:

These are going to feel somewhat more secure to the user and make less noise or vibration while traveling.

For some systems, the manufacturer may include a maximum speed range specification. Check the listing and/or the user's manual for that guideline. It is recommended that you stop and check for security about every hour on the road.

Soft Transportation Strapping Systems:

These are used on cars without crossbars. Run their base straps through all four doorways of the vehicle, then secure the gear to the strap pads on top of the roof.

Noise and vibration during travel varies by user. It also depends on the size of the watercraft, board, or gear. 

It can take some practice to properly secure the load. If you have never used soft transportation straps before, you may want to test this method out on short trips before getting on the freeway or highway. There are some video tutorials for attaching these to your rooftop on our listings.

As with hard rack transportation, it is recommended that you check that everything is secure about every hour on the road.

General Precautions:

Whether using a hard rack attached to crossbars or a soft transportation strapping system, it is important to follow general rules of road safety: drive at the speeds appropriate to the posted limits, as well accounting for weather, traffic, and road conditions.You may need to drive in the slower traffic lanes for safety, depending on conditions and the gear you are transporting. For longer trips, check frequently that everything is in order. It may slow you down a bit, but it will help make certain you arrive safely with your gear.