Will a Dock Rack Work for Your Dock?

StoreYourBoard carries several rack options for storing kayaksSUPs, and other boards and watercraft on a dock. This post will go over all the different styles so you can make the best choice for you, your gear, and your dock.

One option holds the boards and watercraft over the water. Another option holds them on top of the dock. The third option holds them on the side of the dock.

These rack options work best for docks that are made of wood.

While Trex® and other wood-alternative composite material dock systems are becoming more common, most of the dock rack options we carry are not recommended for mounting on that material. Since it is a composite, its texture and fabrication may not work well with the included mounting hardware and may not support the weight of the rack and the watercraft it will be supporting.

You can find most specifications, installation guides, and videos on dock rack listings.

If you have a composite dock and are considering one of our products, we recommend that you check with a contractor or dealership familiar with the dock and its material. This will help you determine whether the system could be mounted to your dock, as well as what measures may be required to make certain it is properly and securely installed, such as additional hardware or anchors.