Condo and Home Owners' Associations: What You Need to Know

Since StoreYourBoard's dock and outdoor racks work so well for storing boards and watercraft, they are a sought-after option by many condo and homeowners' associations. Our storage solutions give residents options for waterside, garage, and outdoor storage for their boards and watercraft.


If you are working with your condo association or HOA to find an option that will work for your community, here are some considerations:

Basics to Check Out for Space & Usage Planning

We have installation videos and installation guides available on our listings. You can find these under the "Videos" and "Helpful Documents" tabs.

For some systems, we also include additional specification documents that you can find under "Helpful Documents."

Additionally, the dimensions for each system are on its listing and will show you the footprint of the product: height, width, depth, maximum weight load, and more.

How Many Boards/Boats Can Be Stored?

In most cases, multi-level system are adjustable to accommodate boards and boats of different sizes. However, it is important to note that the number of boards or boats that can put on one rack will be subject to some variables, such as the maximum weight for each level.

The maximum weight specifications will be noted on the listing.

Weight loads are especially important to note when there are multiple users of the rack. You want to avoid placing too many boards on one level, as that may overload the rack.

For adjustable systems where rack arms can be set various levels, the capacity will also depend on how tall and deep the boards and/or boats are. SUPs and surfboards won't take up as much room, but some kayaks will need more space on the rack.

Take a look at the boards and boats the users are seeking to store to find the best fit for you and your condo association or HOA.

Know Your Location for Suitable Options

If you share property on a freshwater lake, you will have many options for outdoor storage that can work in that climate.

If your association is on or near salt water (where there is salt in the air), then you will want to narrow your search to products that can withstand that climate. Saltwater environments can quickly rust or corrode materials not suited for outdoor use in those areas.

Our options for dock and outdoor racks are sorted by whether they work for freshwater and/or saltwater environments, and this will be noted on our listings for each as well.

Special Circumstances

Does the area or space where you wish to place the rack for your association have challenges? If it is paved, sloped, or has any other potentially problematic characteristics, we recommend consulting with a contractor or other professional to determine if a rack system we offer can work for your space and needs. Necessary information can be found in videos, installation guides, and dimensional specifications provided on our listings.