Will Kayak Lift Assists Work For My Car?

Kayaks can be difficult to get onto your car rooftop by yourself. Lift assists make this easier, so you can secure your gear and get out on the water. StoreYourBoard has the tools to help you prepare your kayaks for travel as easily as possible. This blog post has everything you need to know about choosing your kayak lift assist.

The best fit for your vehicle

The kayak lift assists we carry have a universal fit, so they can work for most cars and SUVs. Therefore, they don't have an official fit guide.

Using a kayak lift assist

You need a clean, dry spot on the rear of your vehicle to place a suction cup mount. This can be on a rear window, rear hatch, or trunk. 

Both of our lift assists can be set at two to three different angles to help direct your kayak onto the roof and clear any rear spoiler or other obstacle in the way. Once the boat is on the roof, you can secure it to your transportation rack or tie-downs and be on your way to the water!

It may take a bit of experimentation in setup. Because of its versatility in placement and angling, the kayak lift assist can work for most vehicles, including yours. 

Other considerations

The lift assists work by rolling the boat onto the roof in the upright position, with the bottom of the boat going over the roller. If your boat is usually secured on its side, you will need to turn your boat after it is on the rooftop, before securing it with tie-down straps. It can be difficult to tilt the boat single-handedly, so the kayak lift assists offer the most advantage if you secure your boat in the upright position.