Organization Ideas for Small Garages

When you have a small garage, even a little bit of clutter can take over the space and make it difficult to navigate.

After our organizational intervention, you'll get your space back and finally have room to park your car inside.

The Tool Max Wall Hook is the perfect organizer for tight spaces. It's heavy-duty enough for large items like yard power tools, but it's small enough that it takes up only a few inches of wall space. Store shovels and rakes, ladders, or even folded strollers. If you don't have room for a wide tool organizer with several hooks, you can buy a few of these and put them wherever you have space. This wall hook is very versatile for getting all sorts of clutter up and off the floor.

Bike owners know–bikes are some of the most difficult items to store. And if you have a collection, they can take up an unmanageable amount of floor space. Many bike storage systems are best-suited for larger spaces. They may get bikes off the floor, but they take up so much space that you can't park a car in the garage.

The Swivel Bike is the storage solution for your space-saving organizational needs. Lift a bike onto the hook to get it off the ground, then swivel it to the side so it's flush with the wall. While this is a great option for any garage, it's especially useful for small spaces. It's easy to install and uncomplicated to use, and your bikes will be ready for adventure when you are.

You should make use of every inch of space when you have a small garage. Overhead storage is the solution for storing items that don't belong on the floor or wall, but need a place to be tucked away all the same.

The Hi-Port 2 is ideal for infrequently used, hard-to-store items like ladders, kayaks, and more. Since the height is adjustable, you can install it so it fits over your garage door when it's up, taking advantage of space that's otherwise difficult to use.

You can also try storing items overhead with a pulley system. The Essential Hoist can lift nearly any clutter up and out of the way. For small garages, it's especially useful for bulky or oddly-shaped items you don't use frequently, like wheelbarrows and cargo boxes for your car.

The Hi-Port 1 is versatile as a wall or ceiling rack. It's a good option if you have surfboards or paddleboards laying around your garage, but it also works for ladders, plywood, and more.

The BLAT Chair Compact is a heavy-duty, compact rack for storing chairs of all kinds. Whether you have folding chairs, beach chairs, or gravity loungers taking over your garage, the BLAT Chair can lift them up and give you your space back.

With these storage tools, you can really make the most of your small space. Your newly transformed garage will be easy to navigate, thoroughly organized, and clean enough to do what garages are meant to do: store your car inside.