Mounting Storage Racks to Concrete, Cinderblock, or Brick

Most of our racks can be mounted to a concrete, cinderblock, or brick walls. We ship products with standard mounting hardware meant for wood wall studs, so you will need to purchase additional concrete/masonry anchors to set it up on a different types of wall.

You can find the necessary concrete or masonry anchors (such as TapCons) anywhere you shop for hardware, in-store or online. Before use, make certain the anchors are rated to hold the maximum weight the rack will be supporting.

If this is the first time you have installed something onto a concrete or brick wall, you may want to consult with someone who has experience, or check out some video tutorials. That will give you a better idea of what is involved, as it can require a bit more work and clean-up than mounting to a wall with wood studs.