How to Store Your Summer Water Sports Gear

The seasonal transition from summer to fall brings cooler temperatures and shorter days.

Unfortunately, it also signals the time to start thinking about putting your summer water sports gear away for the season. Even though you still have a few weeks of good weather for water sports, you’ll want to have your storage situation planned ahead of time. StoreYourBoard has everything you need to stow your seasonal sports equipment without cluttering up your home and garage.

Stand-Up Paddleboards

Paddleboarding is a great activity for people of all ages. Whether paddleboarding is a frequent solo activity, family sport, or friend group adventure, it pays to have your own collection of SUPs instead of renting. But, buying your own SUPs means you’ll have to store them during the off-season. Don’t let that deter you! There are storage options that are functional and discreet, as well as display storage for your decor-worthy board.

For garage storage, you have several options. The Hi Port 1 is a versatile rack that you can install on the wall or the ceiling. Stack multiple boards on this U-shaped rack to get the most out of your storage space. 

The Hi Port 2 is a favorite storage solution since it’s so adaptable; this ceiling-mounted, T-shaped rack has arms on both sides for maximum board storage. The center post is adjustable, so you can raise it close to the ceiling or extend it all the way. The arms have no-slip padding and a slight upward angle to ensure your boards are safe from damage and from falling.

For indoor storage, try a Minimalist SUP Display Rack. This storage option is lowkey and shows off your board, not the rack. 

If you’re looking for SUP storage that’s stylish on its own, you may like the Handcrafted Wood Hands SUP Display Rack. This rack, handmade in Bali, gives your board a place to live that feels tropical and artisanal. When you turn your gear into art, you’re letting your personality shine through your home decor. A paddleboard can be a great centerpiece and conversation starter.


When it gets too cold to comfortably use your kayak, you’ll face the difficult prospect of finding storage space without causing clutter. Kayaks are large, bulky, and difficult to store. However, the right kayak storage rack can elevate your storage game to a new level.

In your garage, the ceiling is an underrated place to store seasonal gear like kayaks. Overhead racks keep your gear from becoming hazards to trip over. Plus, they won’t take up valuable wall storage space in your garage. The Hi Port 2 is a great overhead storage solution for kayaks, as well as paddleboards. The rack can hold one kayak on each side, or you can detach an arm if you have just one kayak to store. Since you decide how far apart the two posts go, the rack can accommodate a kayak of any length, as long as the boat is 75 lbs or less.

Another overhead storage option for your kayak is the hoist. The Kayak Ceiling Hoist is perfect for storing seasonal items that don’t require frequent accessibility; you can hoist your gear up in the fall, then hoist it back down in the spring when the weather warms up. In the meantime, your kayaks will be up and out of your way, not cluttering up your garage.

If you’re looking for kayak storage that can stand up to the elements, try the indoor-outdoor Swivel Kayak Rack. This heavy-duty kayak rack is rated for outdoor use and folds down against the wall when not in use. It’s convenient for accessible storage, and the rack itself doesn’t take up room when you don’t need it. This rack can help you take advantage of storage space outside: under your deck, against a fence, on the side of a shed, and more. Kayaks don’t need to be stored indoors, so don’t let them take up indoor storage space if they don’t have to.


Competitive surfers might be able to handle catching waves in the frigid winter ocean, but that’s not for everyone! When summer winds down, you may be searching for storage that keeps your boards organized and protected. StoreYourBoard started as a board storage company, so you can trust us to find the right surfboard rack for you.

Many of the storage options covered above work well for surfboards, including the hoist, the Hi Port 2, and the Minimalist Display Rack. But what if you have a whole quiver of boards to store? The Adjustable Metal Surfboard Wall Rack is a space-efficient storage option that can hold up to four surfboards. The two tracks can be spaced as far apart as needed to accommodate your boards. And, the arms have soft rubber padding to protect from scratches and dents.

The Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack can hold even more—up to six longboards, shortboards, or funboards. This rack is made of oak with a natural finish, and the arms have a cork inlay to pad your boards during storage. Since it holds your boards vertically, they are super accessible and ready for you to grab and go when you need them. Vertical storage also works well for tight spaces where horizontal storage doesn’t fit. It’s more than just a storage rack… It’s a display rack, too! 

The Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack doesn’t need to be tucked away in a garage or basement. Its natural wood finish makes it a stylish addition to any home. Show off your collection and make your hobby a talking point.

If you’re looking for storage for just one surfboard, we have two clear acrylic wall racks that work well for indoor display and storage. The Clear Acrylic Surfboard Wall Rack holds your board horizontally, which is perfect for display over a couch or doorway. The clear plastic hides the rack so your board is the center of attention. 

The other option is the Vertical Clear Acrylic Surfboard Wall Rack. This one holds your board vertically, and the clear mount gives the illusion that your board is floating. This rack will help you display your board in a narrow spaces, or give you room to display several boards next to each other.

Just because outdoor water sports season is over doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get active outside. Fall is a great time for cycling, soccer, and getting ready for the winter sports season. With your new storage racks, your summer gear will be organized, secured, and ready for when the world thaws again.