How to Succeed in Your Organization Goal for the Year

Home organization is a popular resolution for the new year.

But as months go by, it gets harder and harder to keep those goals. In fact, over half of all people who make new year's resolutions don't stick with them. If you want to differentiate yourself from those who let their goals slip, give yourself the tools to make it easier: consider some tried and tested home organization gear that makes tidiness more achievable (before the clutter piles up!).

1. Prepare a cleaning station.

Start by giving yourself the tools for success: when your cleaning supplies are stored in a designated place, you make it easier on yourself to stay on top of messes. 

Don't waste time looking for a specific cleaning solution—consolidate your supplies. When they're all organized, it's also easier for kids and other reluctant cleaners to lend a hand. There's no excuse for not knowing where the supplies are stored!

Centralize your cleaning instruments with a multipurpose rack like the Quick Clean Station. It has a shelf, hooks, and a paper towel rod for your essentials. Use it to keep your sprays, dusters, rags, paper towels, polishes, and more in one convenient place.

For your long-handled cleaning tools like mops or brooms, a compact storage hook is a strong yet inconspicuous storage solution that wouldn't be out of place inside the home or in the garage.

Set up your cleaning hub in a place that's convenient for you. That could be in your laundry room, in the garage, or in a closet. The main thing to remember is that you want your supplies handy. Nothing discourages cleaning like a lack of access to supplies.

2. Train yourself to put things back in their places.

A big part of keeping your space tidy is cleaning often. When clutter piles up, it becomes even more difficult to get your space back in order.

If you're used to having more clutter around, you may have to train yourself to put items away after use. But, the more you stay on top of it and repeat the behavior, the easier it will be.

3. If you plan to have a place for everything, you need to find and install the storage you need.

Try shopping by type of storageby space, or by activity to find your ideal storage solution.

For optimal use of space, find storage specifically tailored to certain items you want to organize. For example, find a golf bag rack for your golf bags. Or, store your skis on a ski rack that preserves camber and rocker.

When items are stored properly, they are better preserved for years of use. And when you care you items properly, keeping them organized comes easier.

It will also be easier to keep spaces like your garage or basement tidier when you find storage for all the large and cumbersome items cluttering your space. If you have kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, canoes, or other unwieldy athletic gear, find specific storage solutions from StoreYourBoard

This is where it may come in handy to filter your storage shopping. If you want to search based on type, you can sort through wall racks, ceiling storage, or freestanding racks. Each have their own benefits! If you want to filter options for a particular item, you can also browse all your storage options for gear like kayaks, yard tools, and more.