The Best Outdoor Kayak Racks to Free Up Garage Space

Kayaking is a great way to get outside and enjoy being in nature. But as much fun as it is out on the water, it can be a headache when you come home and try to find a place to store those kayaks.

Outdoor gear storage can help you free up space in your home and garage, and you’ll have easy access for hitting the water. If you have kayaks you struggle to organize—or if a lack of space-saving storage is holding you back from buying your own—let the experts at StoreYourBoard help you find outdoor storage that suits your space.

Dock Storage

Where better to store kayaks than right where you need them? Dock storage helps you clear up space in your home, garage, shed, or yard by keeping your water gear by the water and at-the-ready for accessible use.

We love the G-Kayak Dock Storage Rack because its over-the-water design secures your kayaks while keeping walkways clear. Without taking up any extra dock space, you can have adjustable storage for up to 4 kayaks. Plus, with built-in anchor loops, you can tie down your watercraft with locking cables or bungee cords. Rest easy knowing that your kayaks are safe from wind and theft!



In the world of outdoor storage, “wall-mounted” racks can be installed on almost any vertical surface, from fences to sheds to decks and more.

The Swivel Kayak Rack is one option for storing a single kayak. You can fold the arms in for space efficiency when not in use, and it includes a hook for paddle storage. It’s a great choice for installing on deck support beams to get more storage space out of an unused area of your yard.

For multi-kayak storage, we recommend the G-Kayak Outdoor Rack. Its durable and weather-resistant design accommodates up to 4 kayaks or 400 lbs. It has adjustable arms to ensure the best fit for each of your boats. Like the G-Kayak Dock Rack, it has built-in anchor loops for securing your watercraft.


The great thing about freestanding racks is that they are versatile. Whether you are trying to avoid making holes during installation or need a rack that can be relocated as needed, there’s a wide selection of freestanding kayak storage.

One of our top suggestions is the Teal Triangle G-Watersport, which we recommend even more now that it comes in two additional size options! This rack provides sturdy, weatherproof storage for 2, 3, or 4 kayaks. It looks great by the water, on a dock, or along a seawall.

Teal Triangle G-Watersport 

Our ultra-space-saving recommendation is the Triple Freestanding SUP & Kayak Storage Rack. This kayak organization solution holds up to 3 kayaks and has a surprisingly small footprint. If you’re short on space or want an unassuming storage solution, this rack will give you the most bang for your buck.

On the other hand, if you want a kayak storage rack that stands out, StoreYourBoard has a wide selection of different styles of log racks. These American-made, real-wood racks come in various size options, finishes, and styles. The design is rustic and timeless, and it will elevate your space while helping you organize your gear.