Advanced Skateboarding Tricks

So you’ve mastered all the basic skateboard tricks like: the ollie, kickturns, 50/50 grinds, rock n rolls, board slides, truck stands, manuals and maybe even the kickflip (could be considered an intermediate trick). Are you ready to kick it up a notch and start learning some serious skateboard tricks?

Read on to learn the basics of: ollie on a ramp, rock to fakie, heelflip, indy grab.

Ollie on a Ramp.
This should actually be called “ollie off a ramp”. If you know how to ollie on the ground, great. Now you’re going to ollie while flying off a ramp. This is fun, but dangerous when attempting to ollie off a huge ramp. Start with a mini ramp first. To ollie on a ramp:


1.Skate towards the ramp and pickup as much speed as possible.

2.Make sure your feet are in ollie position.

3.Lean back a little while riding up the ramp.

4.When the nose of the board gets to the edge, push the tail down quickly and pull your front knee up.

5.Ollie and try to land safely.

Rock to Fakie.
You’ll need a quarterpipe, halfpipe or mini ramp to do a rock to fakie. The rock to fakie is when a skater rides up the ramp right to the very edge, balances on the middle of the board, rocks a little bit, and then goes back the direction they came. To rock to fakie:

1.Skate towards the ramp and pickup some speed.

2.Your front foot should be on the nose and your back foot on the tail.

3.Hit the top of the ramp and push your front foot forward so that the front of the board dips forward.

4.You should balance and hold this move for a few seconds.

5.Drop down and go back the same direction you came up.


The heelflip is closely related to the kickflip, so this is probably the trick to learn after mastering kickflips. A heelflip is when a skater ollies into the air and flips the skateboard so that it rotates once (parallel to the ground) then lands on the skateboard in the same position he/she started in. To heelflip:

1.You should place your feet the same way you would for an ollie.

2.Your back foot should be on the tail.

3.Your front foot is towards the center of the board (hang your toes over the edge a bit).

4.Now Ollie and kick your back heel forward. Indy Grab.

The Indy Grab is considered a “grab” trick, hence the name. It can be performed on a skateboard as well as a snowboard. You’ll mostly see this trick performed on a ramp. Before learning the indy grab, I recommend you master the ollie on a ramp first. To indy grab:

1.Drop down the ramp and start picking up speed.

2.Place your back foot on the back of your board (the tail).

3.Your front foot should be on your front trucks.

4.Ride towards the ramp and Ollie off the top as high as possible.

5.While you’re up there, reach down and grab your board between your feet with your back hand.

6.Bend your knees deep to make this easier.

7.Try to hold the grab as long as you can, but don’t forget that you have to land safely!

Make sure you’ve mastered basic skateboard tricks before attempting more difficult tricks. As silly as it sounds, safety should always come first. You should wear a helmet and all padding while skating, especially when trying new tricks – wipeouts are almost guaranteed to happen until you get the trick right!