Basic Skateboarding Tricks - The Ollie

The Ollie is one of the most well-known tricks in the world of skateboarding. If you are learning to skateboard, the Ollie is very important, because it is the basis for dozens of other skateboarding tricks. There are countless variations of the Ollie to learn, including Ollie components used as part of various flips and other tricks. The Ollie is a relatively simple aerial trick that should be one of the first you learn as a skateboarder.

To do the Ollie, the first step is to stand on your board, in the same stance as you usually ride the board. Although it is easiest to do the Ollie when you are already rolling, it is possible to do it when stopped.

When you do the Ollie, your front foot should be a couple of inches behind the front hardware of your skateboard, and your back foot should be sitting towards the tip of the tail. Then, bend down, and jump into the air. Jump with as much height and as much force as possible. At the same time as you jump, snap the tail of the board against the ground as hard as you can. This will make the board pop up into the air with you.

As it comes up, your feet will come off of the board. The key to performing the Ollie successfully is for the board to land a split second before your feet come down on the deck. By the time your feet land, your legs should be slightly bent to cushion your landing, but they should not be as bent as when you were crouching to prepare for the jump.

While at the height of the Ollie, slide your front foot forward on your skateboard. The front of the board will then level out with the back, so that you can land on it. If you start with your front foot too far back on the board, you will find it difficult to balance in the air. The landing is tricky if you are not balanced when in the air. If you miss the landing, you will fall of your board, so be prepared for this possibility. Wear your helmet and pads when practicing the Ollie or any other skateboarding trick.

Once you learn how to do the Ollie on flat ground, increase the challenge by practicing it over curbs, benches, or your friend’s skateboard. However, do not try this until you have mastered the Ollie itself. You can also try to increase the height of the Ollie; many skateboard competitions include a “Highest Ollie” component. For a bigger Ollie, you’ll need to snap the tail harder against the ground, which takes practice.

The Ollie was first performed in the late 1970s. Alan Gelfand of Florida is credited as the creator of this essential skateboarding trick. His nickname was “Ollie,” which gave this new trick its name. The Ollie is considered a fundamental trick in the sport. Without the Ollie, the world of skateboarding just wouldn’t be what it is today, and many other tricks simply would not be possible.