Buying Cheap Skateboard Ramps |

If you are a skateboarder who enjoys skateboarding on ramps, you essentially have three choices. Use the skateboarding ramps at a local skate park, build your own from scratch, or buy a skate ramp. Luckily, there are many inexpensive skate ramps out there. How do you choose the best one for your needs?

No matter what kind of skate ramp you are looking at, be sure to buy for your skill level. There are some ramps that are very long and step, and you shouldn’t try these as a beginner because you are likely to fall. If you’re new to skateboarding, you may feel like jumping right in and starting with the biggest ramp you can find, but this usually isn’t the best investment. Start with a ramp that is appropriate for your skill level, instead. Another benefit of a smaller ramp is that it is much more portable than a larger and heavier ramp.

When buying a cheap skate ramp, remember not to sacrifice quality to get the lowest possible price. Since you will be skating over this ramp on your skateboard at high speeds, it’s important that it is very sturdy, unless you enjoy visiting the emergency room after skateboard crashes.

If you are a beginning skateboarder, start with a small plastic ramp. Not only the length, but also the angle is important. It won’t be too steep for you to handle, but you’ll still be able to practice your tricks on your own, without visiting a skate park. The best of these plastic ramps are made of sturdy, hard plastic. Make sure that they seem able to withstand the weather as well as any abuse from your skateboard. Thinner plastic ramps may even bend under the weight of you and your skateboard.

Once you have mastered this smaller ramp, then you can move up to a larger and steeper ramp. You can always use this smaller ramp along with your larger ramp to make a mini skate park once you’ve outgrown it. More experienced skaters can start with a large, steep ramp, or even a mini quarter pipe or half pipe. These are more expensive, and more dangerous because of their steeper inclines, but they are also challenging enough for any level of skateboarder. Choose one of these after you’ve already mastered the shorter plastic ramps. These are usually made of wood, and will not bend under the weight of your skateboard.

Besides the traditional ramp design, you can also find low rails, grind boxes, and other forms often found in skate parks. You should be able to find a suitable skate ramp for your skill level online or by visiting your local skate shop. If you can’t find a suitable premade skate ramp, you may decide to build your own. These are usually made of wood; the downside is that unlike plastic ramps, you’ll need to keep it covered when not in use to protect it from the elements. These do take some time to build, but are also very rewarding. If you choose this route, don’t sacrifice quality when choosing the plans and materials; a little extra investment may go a long way towards ensuring that you have the best quality ramp you can build.