Caster Boarding |

Caster boarding has been compared to both surfing and snowboarding, even though it has wheels like a skateboard. Even though it has elements of all three board sports, riding a caster board requires a unique set of motions that sets it apart from any other sport. The caster board is the newest board to come into widespread use. In fact, this type of board has been around for less than decade.

The caster board is designed with two foot plates, joined with a pivot mechanism so that they can twist independently. The caster board has two caster wheels which can rotate in any direction, unlike a skateboard. This added range of motion allows the rider to slide and turn, just like carving on a snowboard.

If your left leg is dominant, it should be placed on the front foot plate; if your right leg is dominant, then it should go in the front. Once you have your feet placed on each foot platform, you’ll want to start by practicing balancing on the board. Remember that your feet can turn and twist independently from each other; this can make it hard to balance on the board.

Caster boards can be propelled by the side to side movement of the legs. Unlike a skateboard, the rider does not need to remove their foot from the board to push it along, even when going uphill. For many new riders, learning how to propel themselves along is the most difficult part of riding a caster board. This motion is not used in skateboarding, so even experienced skateboarders may have trouble with this part. To propel the caster board, twist your hips as you move your feet to respond to the motion of the board. Begin doing this will on level ground for practice. The board will begin to roll forward. As it picks up speed, you’ll find that you no longer need to twist as much to keep it going.

This unique board can be used to do most of the tricks that can be performed using a regular skateboard. It is also capable of additional stunts that are impossible on a regular skateboard, thanks to its increased range of motion. An easy beginner trick is a manual, where you lift the front wheel off the ground. This requires careful balancing to allow you to ride on just your back wheel.

Many riders find it difficult to balance on a caster board with only 2 wheels. For this reason, a 4-wheeled version is available, mainly designed for younger riders or those who are new to the sport. If you have experience skateboarding or snowboarding, you should be able to balance on a caster board with just a little practice.

Like all board sports, caster boarding should only be done when wearing appropriate clothing and pads, and a helmet. Even if you are an experienced skateboarder you may fall when learning to use a caster board. If you feel like you’re up for a new challenge, take a look at the caster board.