How to Find Powder at Ski Resorts |

A question many skiers and boarders ask all the time…How do I get the POWDER? Well you are in luck, here are a few of the best ways to maximize the powder:


    • Go when it snows! -Simple yet Effective!
    • Ski as far away from the lifts as possible - At most ski resorts the terrain easily visible from the chairlifts gets skied-out first. Traversing across the mountain further from the lifts take more effort and therefore many people decide not to do it. Give it a little extra effort – It’s Worth It!
    • Hike - Many resort have hike to terrain that are still in-bounds resort monitored and controlled terrain but not accessible by chairlift. Once again this is because it is hard to hike, especially at 12,000ft with ski gear but often times the effort is worth the reward. I would caution you to scout your line first to make sure your hike will pay off in fresh POW.
    • Traverse Along Boundary Lines - Often times areas are roped off with certain entrances for avalanche control reasons. If you enter one of these areas and then immediately traverse along the boundary line you will usually find fresh snow. People normally see the gate and head down from there.
    • Go with a Local - If it is not your home mountain you don’t know nearly all the lines a seasoned local will know. By a local a pint or just start up a conversation, usually a local will know all the best spots that hold powder. Mountain experience yields fresh tracks!


Good luck – Get SOME!

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