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We recently got a big order from a ski resort out west for a bunch of our Ski Racks.  This got us thinking why every ski resort, ski hotel, and ski inn should have our ski racks in their rooms.

Here's why you, as the owner of a ski resort, ski hotel or ski inn, should order ski racks for your rooms:

6 Ski Rack

Functionalitywhen guests come to a ski resort, they bring skis! Shocking, I know, but all those guests need a place to store their skis.  What better way to give your guests a great way to store their skis than to provide each room with a ski rack!

Protect Your Assets: when skiers get home from a long day on the slopes, they're tired.  They get in their rooms and are inclined to toss their skis in the first place they can find.  This means the skis could end up on the bed, on a dresser, in the bathroom, anywhere really.  For resort owners and innkeepers, your rooms are your assets.  Protect those assets from sharp skis that have a tendency to mark/ding/mess up dressers and bedspreads and everything else by providing each room with a ski rack!  You will thank us later.

Make an Impression: as a resort or ski inn owner, you want to make a good impression on your guests.  Making your guests happy makes a good impression on them.  Make your guests happy by putting ski racks in their rooms.  Skiers will love you and will remember you when booking their trip the next year!

Free Standing 5 Ski Rack
8 Ski Rack

Keep Your Rooms Clean: after a day of skiing, skis are usually covered in ice and snow, maybe some mud or dirt mixed in, it happens.  When those skis come inside your rooms, the snow and ice melts and tends to get all over the place.  Keep that snow and ice off your entire room - put ski racks in your rooms.  This will keep your rooms cleaner and the ski residue limited to a certain area.  Control where that area is!  Add ski racks to your rooms.