Pro Skateboarder Bam Margera

Bam Margera, whose birth name was Brandon, was born in 1979 in Pennsylvania. He earned the nickname “bam” from his grandfather after his habit of running recklessly into walls. Bam learned to skateboard in 1988. Today, he is known as one of the most interesting if not controversial characters in the skateboarding world, and has made skateboarding and stunts a way of life.

Bam is known as a stuntman, director, actor, and skateboarder. Somewhat of a daredevil, he rose to prominence as part of MTV’s “Jackass” crew, known for outrageous and dangerous stunts caught on camera. His other works include MTV’s “Viva La Bam” and “Bam’s Unholy Union,” both reality shows following Bam produced under the Jackass label.

After learning to skateboard, Margera began to film his skateboarding stunts and the tricks performed by his friends. These tapes eventually became the CKY video series, which currently includes four videos. His friends formed a loose skateboarding group known as the CKY Crew; his brother Jess is in a rock band also known by the name CKY; this band can be heard on CKY videos.

After the success of the CKY project, the former editor of the Big Brother reality TV series brought him on board for the team that would become Jackass. Other CKY crew members, including Ryan Dunn and some of Margera’s other friends, also appear in Jackass shows. The TV show spawned two moves, “Jackass: The Movie” and “Jackass: Number Two.”

After Jackass, Margera had his own MTV series, known as Viva La Bam. This reality TV show, which ran between 2003 and 2005 for five seasons, followed Margera and his friends, filming them as they performed various stunts, including many on skateboards. He has also written, produced, and starred in three independent films. His later production efforts include a Sirius Satellite Radio Show broadcast weekly known as “Radio Bam.” He has also started a music label and has directed several music videos.

Margera is known not only for his crazy behavior and stunts but also for his skateboarding skills. Pro skateboarder Tony Hawk included Margera as an animated skateboarding character in his popular video game line, including the Pro Skaters and Underground series, which also feature other top names in the sport as animated characters.

Bam was married in 2007 to Melissa “Missy” Rothstein. The engagement and wedding was filmed for the MTV series “Bam’s Unholy Union.” The couple currently resides in a large house in Pennsylvania known as “Castle Bam.” The “castle” boasts a gothic theme and sits on 14 acres, with a skate park in the drive way. In 2007 Bam built a large skateboarding ramp on this land.

In addition to his TV and filmmaking career, Margera is also a popular skateboarder in his own right. Bam is a member of Team Element, demonstrating tricks for Element Skateboards. He also has numerous other sponsors, including Destructo Trucks, Speed Metal Bearings, Electric Visual, Fairman’s Skateshop, Jones Soda, CKY, Volcom, Spitfire, and more. Though he has stayed away from the larger skateboard competitions and is not usually considered one of the top professional skateboarders in terms of skill level, he is considered to be “pro” status due to his sponsorships.