The New Sport of Freeline Skating

In the world of extreme sports, freeline skates are relative newcomers. Designed in 2003 in San Francisco, inventor Ryan Farrelly was trying to design a better version of skates for downhill racing. Freeline skates were borne of the idea that instead of standing on a platform on top of wheels, the rider can simply stand on each set of wheels, doing away with traditional skate construction. Unlike regular skates and blades, these are not strapped to the rider’s feet.

Freeline skates are specifically designed to give the feeling of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, all at the same time. A pair of these skates consists of two separate metal plates with two wheels attached to each plate using a specially-designed truck, similarly to how skateboard wheels are attached to a skateboard deck. The wheels are shaped on both sides, rather than just one side like standard skateboard wheels. Otherwise, the wheels appear to be quite similar to those used on skateboards. The aluminum plate is covered in grip tape, the same material that helps skateboarders’ feet grip their skateboards. Overall, the freeline skates look much like two miniature skateboards with dual independent wheels.

New versions of freeline skates are being introduced each year as understanding of the sport develops and more people are drawn to it. This history closely mirrors the early history of skateboarding and other extreme sports, when multiple varieties of skateboards were developed, often vastly different from each other.

The technique used to skate with freeline skates is unlike any other sport. It is known to be quite challenging to learn, even for those who are familiar with other extreme sports. Even if you already know how to skateboard, snowboard, or surf, check out freeline skates for a unique challenge. Difficult to master, there are even YouTube instructional videos to help seasoned skateboarders or snowboarders get the hang of this new style.

Freeline skates are known for high traction on level ground and uphill, and these skates can be used almost anywhere. Freeline skates are used most often on slight downhill slopes, and utilize many of the same movements of other extreme sports, while adding a unique twist. This challenging sport provides great opportunities to use your skills in a new manner of riding and invent new tricks.

When riding, skaters take a sideways stance, similar to the stance used on a snowboard. Freeline skates are propelled similarly to snowboards, as riders shift their weight from heel to toe to change direction. Turns using freeline skates create an ‘S’ shape.

One of the newest innovations in the world of extreme sports, freeline skating is a whole new way to propel yourself on wheels. This new style of extreme sport has been recommended as a way for snowboarders to keep up their skills during the summer months, and is also a fun activity for anyone who enjoys skateboarding or surfing. These portable devices are also the smallest and lightest form of wheeled transportation currently available. Looking for a new challenge? Try freeline skates, the newest invention in the extreme sports world.