Top 10 Reason you Need a Skateboard Rack

1. Great way to Organize your House, Garage, Basement, Room, etc

2. Skateboards are NOT cheap – protect your investment. 

3. Skateboard laying around are slip, trip, and fall hazards, especially for those non-skaters in the house. 

4. Ready to Go when you are – Having a dedicated Skateboard Rack you will always know where your board is and it will be waiting for you when you want to go ride.

5. You spent the time and money to get the perfect skateboard setup – why not show it off? 

6. Removes Clutter – Some people will appreciate this more than others!

7. Extended Life – Your skateboard takes a beating when you are riding it, no need to beat on it more when you are not riding it. 

8. Art for your house- Get a skateboard deck mount and display your favorite decks, those special autographed decks, or just that deck with the awesome graphics. 

9. Great for small/cramped living arrangements (dorm rooms, apartments, condos, etc). Hang up your skateboard and get it out of the way so you aren’t constantly tripping over it. 

10. As your skateboard quiver increases you will run out of places to stash all those boards. Check out our 7 skateboard and 8 skateboard racks. 

Our special extra bonus grand finale ........

11. If you were a Skateboard would you want to be thrown in corner?!?