Using a Skateboard Park

If you love to skateboard, chances are good that you visit skateboard parks whenever you can. These parks offer skating opportunities that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can do anything you want once you’re in the skate park. There are a few etiquette rules that you should pay attention to when using a skateboard park.

Skating is an inherently dangerous activity, so you must pay attention to what you’re doing to avoid crashing into other skateboarders. Many skate parks develop certain traffic patterns on ramps and pipes; don’t try to skateboard against the flow of traffic. Don’t begin down a ramp until there are no other skaters in your way. Always be aware of where other skaters are in the park so that you don’t crash into them. This is particularly true if you see younger kids in the park, as they may not always move in predictable patterns. If there is a line, don’t ride out of turn. If you visit a skateboard park with a group, be sure that other skaters that aren’t in your group are able to use the ramps and any other park features.

Know your abilities, and don’t try to do tricks that are too difficult for your skill level. The skate park may offer the steepest ramp you’ve ever seen, but be sure you can handle it before you try it. Otherwise you may end up hurting yourself or others. Skate parks offer a variety of features for skaters at every skill level, so remember that you don’t have to try out everything you see. Master the basics before visiting a skateboard park.

Always wear a helmet and safety pads while skating, whether you’re on the street or in a skateboard park. You may feel silly being out in public wearing these items, but feeling silly is better than falling and ending up in the emergency room.

Don’t bring food or drinks into the skateboarding area. These can be enjoyed around the park, where most skateboard parks have placed benches. Don’t sit on the edge of the ramp or on the rails while waiting for your friends; instead, move off the skateboarding area, and sit on the benches. This way you won’t get in anyone’s way. Keep everything you don’t need on you to the sides of the skateboarding area, but only bring what you need to the skate park, so that you don’t have to keep an eye on expensive possessions that you’ve left to the side of the skateboard park.

Many skate parks have their own posted rules. Always read these before skating, and follow them while you’re at the park. For example, the park may be closed after dusk. Even if there’s no one there to enforce this rule, it is not safe to ride in the dark.

Skateboard parks are a great opportunity for skaters and the perfect alternative to makeshift ramps or alleys, curbs, and other places not designed for skating. When skateboarding in a skate park, remember that the park is not there for your exclusive use. There are others skaters at the park. Follow skate park etiquette to keep skating there safe and fun.