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    • The Perfect Wakeboarding Wake
      So you are getting the hang of wakeboarding and you are starting to jump the wake pretty consistently. After a few sessions you will notice that sometimes the wake looks big and crisp, perfect for big air and sometimes it is washed out rolling over itself. Your goal is to consistently get a great wake... more



    • How to Find a 3rd - Wakeboarding-Waterskiing Boat Spotter
      So you just got that new sweet wakeboard boat. The wake is great, the pull is consistent, your stereo is rocking but sometimes you want to ride and your buddies are busy. We have all had this happen. Wakeboarding is a decidedly social sport where you need at least 3 people in the boat (Driver, Rider, and Spotter). Even if you have the sickest boat, if you don't have anyone to ride with you are grounded on the shore. So try a couple of these tips to find other riders so you can always have a group to ride, meet some new wakeboarders, and have a great time out on the water... more




    • Beginner Boating Tips - How to Launch Your Boat
      If you just got a new boat, congratulations, boating is a very rewarding hobby and sport. Nothing beats being out on the water with your friends and family wakeboarding, waterskiing, fishing or just cruising. Well, in order to get out on the water you need to launch your boat from the trailer. This can be a very intimating thing to go for the first time and something that needs to be taken seriously. Once you have done it a few times it becomes routine, but there are certain things that must be done .. more




    • Finding the Best Wakeboarding River and Lakes - Spotting Glassy Water
      Nothing beats a wakeboarding session on a perfect glassy day. You know when you can see your reflection in the water and landing tricks is effortless, no need to worry about other wakes, no need to worry about wind chop everything is perfect to be riding. Well if you have been wakeboarding for awhile you will know that wakeboarding conditions are not ideal but there are some tricks to find the best sports to wakeboard and the best water. .. more




    • The Importance of Proper Wakeboard Storage
      Wakeboarding is a great sport. There is nothing like flying through the air on a glassy lake on a nice summer morning with your friends in your new MasterCraft (well maybe not everyone has one but just getting out there on the water is a blast!). The question we want to address is what do you do with your wakeboard after you aren't riding?. .. more