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    Everything You Need to Know About Freestanding Storage Racks

    There are a number of reasons why you might be considering freestanding racks, as opposed to something wall-mounted. Although you want to get your gear off of the floor and organize your space, you might not want something mounted on your wall. Whether you want the freedom to move your new rack easily if needed or you don't want to drill into your walls, freestanding racks are the perfect storage option for flexibility. If you are trying to decide which rack works best for you, you should follow along with these considerations and tips. We can help you decide if freestanding racks are the best solution for your storage needs. Before making your purchase, you want to reflect on the benefits of freestanding racks, the type of storage you need, the amount of gear you need to store, and specific freestanding storage racks that will best work for your space and gear.

    Let's dive in and discover why you might want to choose a freestanding rack for your storage needs.

    Indoor or Outdoor Storage?

    Do you plan to store your gear indoors or outdoors? Where you plan to put your freestanding rack will be a major factor in your purchase decision. There are some storage solutions for indoor storage, some for outdoor storage, and some that can accommodate both indoor and outdoor storage. Knowing which will work best for you will depend on what space is available and what benefits you are seeking from freestanding storage.

    Benefits of Indoor Freestanding Racks

    Although freestanding racks aren’t mounted into your walls, they still allow you to get your gear off the ground and stored neatly. They provide you with a storage method that keeps your space organized and allows you easy access to your gear. Having a specific place for all of your gear makes it effortless for you to get to your gear and store it away again. With your gear stowed on a freestanding rack and off of the floor, you will free up space, giving you more room to move around or use for other purposes. Use freestanding racks indoors to stay organized and keep your gear out of the way of your workspace or walk-through areas.

    Some of you might prefer freestanding racks simply because you don’t have to mount anything onto your walls. Wall installation doesn't work with everyone's space. You may want to use the wall space for something else, or maybe you rearrange frequently and want to be able to move your gear around whenever it's convenient for you. If you live in a rented space, you might not want to patch all the holes when it's time to move out. Whatever your reason is, using a freestanding rack gives you freedom to redecorate easily and doesn't mar walls. You'll have more space to use your walls for other lifestyle or storage needs. And let’s not forget about that lease agreement. Moving is already troublesome, and patching up holes from wall-mounted storage can add to the stress. 

    Some would even agree that assembling a freestanding rack is not as complicated as mounting a rack to the wall. It can be difficult to put it together, making sure it is level, and match the ends up to make sure it is even with other pieces. Organizing your gear may be a little bit more effortless when you use a freestanding rack. Since instructions for building freestanding racks are straightforward, you won't have to worry about any complicated directions slowing you down.

    Benefits of Outdoor Freestanding Racks

    When you are considering a freestanding rack for outdoor storage it is likely because you don't have enough space indoors or because you don’t have accessible outdoor walls to install a wall-mounted storage rack.

    Indoor space can be limited. And chances are, you have more usable space outdoors. Having your gear outdoors may be the easiest way to accommodate your storage needs for all of your gear. Storing your gear outside can make home and gear organization simpler. 

    Outdoor wall-mounted racks are often installed directly onto the sheds, docks, decks, fences, and the siding of homes. To bypass this installation, you may be considering the outdoor freestanding rack. With your new rack, your gear will be organized and outdoors, ready for your next adventure.

    Which Freestanding Rack Will Work Best for You?

    We have gone over different benefits of freestanding racks for indoor and outdoor use. Knowing the benefits can help you come up with your conclusion of which rack is going to work best for storage needs. You will have to think about which space would work best for you and your gear. First, decide whether that would be inside or outside. Next, decide which space specifically you are planning to store your gear: in your home, garage, or other storage space? Or will having a freestanding rack be more beneficial in your yard, on a deck, or on your dock? When choosing a location for your freestanding rack, you should also consider the space available for the storage rack. Be sure to read the descriptions to learn about the rack dimensions before purchasing your rack to ensure that it will fit in the space you are organizing.

    When deciding which freestanding rack is going to work best for you and your space, you should also consider the type and the amount of gear you have that you’re planning to store. Whether you have skis, snowboards, kayaks, bikes, surfboards, or paddleboards, has a freestanding rack for all of your gear. You'll want to be sure you learn about all of your options before making a purchase decision. You might find a freestanding rack that is versatile and works for multiple types of gear, such as surfboard, snowboard, skis, and skateboards. But it is important to consider your specific gear. Your storage choice may depend on whether the skis you own are powder or racing skis, or whether you bike using a mountain or a road bike. Differences in gear may also require differences in storage. You want the best storage option that keeps your gear secure, as well as organized. Thinking about the type of gear you have will help you in your decision-making process.

    Types of Freestanding Racks has a variety of freestanding racks to accommodate all types of gear. Learn about some of our products to ensure that you are finding the right freestanding rack for your gear-specific storage needs.

    Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Tool

    Avoid drilling into your walls in the process of storing all your tools and outdoor equipment; opt for a sturdy tool storage solution like the Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Tool. This freestanding rack, made from industrial-grade steel, has adjustable spacing that will allow you to store just about any tool. Using quick-pull, 3D locking pins and 45 mounting slots, you will be able to adjust the placement of the storage hooks to accommodate tools of almost any shape and size. It is equipped to withstand a lot of weight—up to 300 lbs—so don't go too easy on it. This rack can hold and organize all of your outdoor tools and equipment such as shovels, rakes, ladders, power equipment, and much more. This freestanding rack provides you with a space-efficient design allowing you to keep your tools organized and off of the ground all while preventing you from having to install a wall-mounted rack.

    Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Watersport

    Watercraft can be difficult to find storage for, especially a freestanding storage solution. With the Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Watersport, you will be able to store a whole fleet of watercraft. If you need a storage solution that can be used indoors or outdoors, the G-Watersport is for you. It's made from industrial-grade steel with a weatherproof coating, so it's sturdy enough for outdoor storage, yet easily moved indoors if you want to rearrange your space. This freestanding rack is perfect for your garage, yard, dock, or shed. Additionally, the G-Watersport has customizable setup. You can adjust the arms of the rack to fit any width of your kayaks, paddleboards, or canoes. Depending on the size of your boat or board, it's possible that your watercraft is fairly heavy. Fortunately, this freestanding rack has brute strength; it can hold up to 100 lbs per level, or up to 300 lbs on the whole rack. To maximize your use of the rack, you want to be sure you don't exceed the weight capacity. If you have a board weighing 50 lbs and a boat weighing 100 lbs, the rest of the gear you are storing on the rack cannot exceed 150 lbs. Or if you have three boats weighing in at 100 lbs each, the rack is at its weight capacity and cannot hold any more watercraft, even though there's one level left. Be sure to keep total weight capacity in mind when searching for storage solutions. If you have more gear than possible to store on one rack, you could get a matching pair.

    Freestanding Ski Storage Rack

    Let’s get those skis onto a proper, space-efficient freestanding rack, rather than letting them lean against the wall. You need storage that won't warp, dent, or bend your skis;’s Freestanding Ski Storage Rack will get your skis stored for the off-season, but ready for hitting the slopes when you are. Your skis will stand upright and organized, and your space will be neater. The Freestanding Ski Rack comes in two different size options, so be sure to purchase the right rack. The Standard version can hold 5 pairs of skis, up to 115 mm each, whereas the Wide version holds 4 pairs of skis, up to 140 mm per each. The Standard version of this rack is perfect for racing, twin tip, all mountain, and youth skis. The Wide version of this rack will work for powder, backcountry, or wider skis. The best part about this freestanding ski rack is that minimal assembly is required, and absolutely no tools are needed. Just pull the rack out of the box and snap on the support legs. Once you've completed this simple assembly, you will be able to store your skis just about anywhere: your home, apartment, basement, or ski lodge. Loading your skis into the rack is just as simple as putting the rack together;  place your skis' tail-end down into the rack slots. Each pair of skis will straddle the center divider to stand upright. This freestanding ski storage rack is made from heavy-duty plastic, which makes it durable and lightweight, so you can move it around anywhere. The Freestanding Ski Rack is the perfect solution for organizing your skis and ensuring that they will be easily accessible when it's time to hit the slopes.

    Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Bike

    Imagine having a freestanding rack that has the ability to neatly store up to 5 bikes. Well, the Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Bike is not only able to accommodate 5 bikes, but it is adjustable, so you can fit 5 bikes of different sizes. This freestanding rack is able to accommodate road bikes, mountain bikes, and kids' bikes. This is an ideal freestanding storage solution if you're looking for something that can store your whole family’s bikes, or if you are a bike enthusiast with an array of bikes. This fully customizable rack has 45 mounting slots where you can place the storage hooks to create a place for all of your bikes. The storage hooks are also covered with a non-marking rubber coating to protect your bike wheels during storage. And talk about durability… this freestanding bike rack is made from industrial-grade steel and can hold up to 300 lbs. This will provide your bikes with plenty of protection when hanging on the rack. This system is built to last and can provide you with the reassurance to know that, when you use the G-Bike Freestanding Rack, your bikes are secure.

    Buying the Perfect Rack

    Before making a purchase of a freestanding rack, it is important to learn about all of the qualities that they have to offer. Knowing whether you need storage indoors or outdoors can help you narrow down which kind of rack you need. You'll also need to decide where you are putting the rack, so you can find the freestanding rack that works for the space you have available. It is also important to know the benefits that freestanding racks can have. As you learn more about the advantages of freestanding racks, you'll know you're making the right choice if you find a rack that checks all your boxes. And of course, the type and the amount of gear you plan to store will play a great role in choosing the right freestanding storage rack. is no amateur when it comes to freestanding storage racks for your gear. Our racks made from high-quality materials, built to withstand high weight capacities and even weatherproof enough for outdoor use. With a variety of racks to choose from, you are bound to find something that not only works for your gear, but also your space. When it comes down to your final purchase, reflect on this information about freestanding storage racks, and get your space looking exceptional.