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    Everything You Need to Know About Wall-Mounted Racks

    When you are beginning your organization journey, you want to plan out the most beneficial and efficient process that will work the best for you and your space. You will need to consider several factors, such as the space you are organizing, the objects you are storing, and which type of storage system works best for you. If thinking about these considerations leads you to seek wall-mounted racks, then you are in the right place to gain more information about wall-mounted racks and which ones will be the best to support your gear.

    Benefits of Wall-Mounted Racks

    The absolute, number one benefit to purchasing a wall-mounted rack to organize your space—be it your garage, home, or storage shed—is more floor space. We all can imagine what we can do with more floor space freed up. Wall-mounted racks will help you achieve this organization goal. You want to be able to use your walls for storage, especially if the space you are working toward organizing is small. If you are using your space for work, or if you just need extra room for more storage, installing wall-mounted racks will help you optimize your space, give you the freedom to work, and store even more items.

    Another benefit of using your walls for storage and adding wall-mounted racks is that the wall plays a part in the construction of your rack. That means you'll have to deal with fewer parts and pieces. Building floor or freestanding organization racks or shelves requires more parts in the end. On the other hand, wall-mounted racks usually consist of one or two tracks that mount to the wall. Sometimes they include shelving or hooks that latch onto the wall-mounted tracks. Fewer parts and pieces sound a lot less complicated to work with. Ease of installation will also help you finish your reorganization project faster. Also, your space will look more put-together with fewer pieces storing your gear while still getting the job done.

    With wall-mounted racks, there are more possibilities for storing your gear. Wall-mounted racks can be constructed with different depths and heights, allowing you to mount them in a variety of locations. If you have a large garage, you may be able to make use of several wall-mounted racks, installing them at any height that works for you, your space, and your gear. If you have a smaller storage shed or a space with low ceilings, you can mount the rack lower on the wall. And if you're using wall racks with two vertical tracks, you can mount the tracks closer together on the wall to accommodate a more narrow space. Space isn’t an issue when it comes to wall-mounted racks. With the ability to be adjustable to space constraints, you can find one to fit any space.

    Another convenient feature of using wall-mounted racks is that the tracks are installed directly into wall studs, so you can guarantee that your gear is secure and protected. Once your gear is on a sturdy, wall-mounted rack, you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your expensive gear is securely held on the wall-mounted rack, safe from damage from falling.

    There are endless advantages of using wall-mounted racks to store your gear and get your space organized. Freeing up your floor space and knowing your gear is secure is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of wall-mounted racks. As you read, you will uncover which wall-mounted rack is going to work best for you and your space. You will discover there are numerous options for wall-mounted racks available when shopping on Storeyourboard.com. You want to be sure that you are selecting the right option when it comes to your home, garage, or any other storage space. You will need to keep in mind the gear you are planning to store, as well.

    The Best Wall-Mounted Rack for You

    In order to find which wall-mounted storage rack is going to work best for you, you must first consider the space you are using. Once you have determined whether you are organizing your garage, the indoor of your home, or some other storage space, you can reflect on all of the gear you are planning to store. Whether it is tools, gear for water sports, or winter sports equipment, we want to find the best wall-mounted rack that is going to meet your organization needs and reflect on your storage desires.

    If you are working with your home interior, you might be looking for a storage option that will complement your home decor, rather than bringing the style of garage storage indoors. For storing your gear in your home, you might consider our minimalist racks or wood racks. Storeyouboard.com offers a variety of wood racks made from solid oak. This solid oak wood is not only sturdy, but also appealing to the eye. The solid oak wood racks can go with any space and have your gear looking aesthetically pleasing, even in storage mode. Our minimalist racks can do just the same in the sense that they are minimal! They show off your gear instead of the rack. With just the slightest rack exposure, your gear will be the center of attention, rather than being able to see any big, bulky storage rack.

    Storeyourboard.com also offers a wide variety of solid steel racks. These versatile wall-mounted racks can store all sorts of gear. We have solid steel wall-mounted racks for your kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, skis, snowboards, bikes, and tools! With such a wide selection of wall-mounted racks, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to what can be stored on your wall. These solid steel racks are made to last and to hold your gear securely. Some options are able to support up to 400 lbs!

    Now that we have gone over a couple of different construction materials of the wall racks, let’s consider what gear you are going to be storing on them. Storeyourboard.com has a wide variety of racks for all sorts of gear, so you are likely to find something that will accommodate all of your storage needs. Finding the right wall-mounted rack to fit your space and hold the appropriate gear will make it easier to organize your space.

    Types of Wall-Mounted Racks

    Make your organization journey less complicated by shopping at one place where you can find everything you need. Storeyourboard.com has a wide variety of wall-mounted racks for all the gear you need to store. Shop our selection of wall-mounted storage racks that can harbor everything from drills to bikes to even larger items like kayaks. Let’s take a look at the functions and capabilities of some of the wall-mounted racks that Storeyourboard.com has to offer.

    BLAT Tool Storage Rack

    We'll start with one of our bestsellers: the tough and versatile BLAT Tool Storage Rack. BLAT stands for “Built Like A Tank,” and it is just that—it’s indestructible! This heavy-duty, solid steel rack is the perfect solution for storing your tools and equipment. This sturdy steel rack can support up to 325 lbs. It has four tool slots that are perfect for storing your shovels, rakes, power tools, brooms, and more! Maximize your storage space by storing multiple tools in each slot. To ensure maximum strength when storing your gear, be sure to mount this rack into wall studs. The BLAT Tool Storage Rack is also coated in durable black powder to prevent rusting. Mount this rack in your garage or in your storage shed, and you will have easy access to all of your tools that will last a lifetime.

    Kayak & SUP Wall Rack

    Kayaks and stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) can be difficult to store, considering size and shape. But Storeyourboard’s Kayak and SUP Wall Rack is capable of storing multiple kayaks, canoes, and SUPs. This wall-mounted rack can be installed into wall studs to support up to 400 lbs. With its adjustable levels, you are sure to store any kayak, SUP, or canoe. You can organize all of your watercraft on one wall-mounted rack. This rack has an indoor and outdoor option to work with any space: garage, boathouse, home, or retail shop. Each arm of this rack is lined with protective padding to prevent any scratches or other damages to your watercraft during storage. Give yourself the gift of easy watercraft access and heavy-duty storage. You know your boats will be secure and organized on this study steel rack.

    Teal Triangle G-Bike

    If you love getting out on the trails to bike or cycling on the streets, then you  need the Teal Triangle G-Bike. This wall-mounted rack, as featured on the Today Show, is an adjustable storage solution that can accommodate up to five bikes. With adjustable spacing of the bike hook attachments, this wall-mounted rack can store whatever collection of bikes you have, whether that's mountain bikes, road bikes, or kids' bikes! If your bike has wider handlebars or if you need a little more space between your bikes, you can easily move the hooks along the track. The hooks are covered with a non-marking rubber to keep your bikes protected from damage during loading and storage. This rack is also made of steel, so it is built to last. It will withstand up to 300 lbs! Having this adjustable wall-mounted storage rack in your storage space will help get you or your family's bikes organized and ready for use.

    We've gone over a few racks that will work for your gear out in the garage or in a storage shed. Now, let’s turn our focus onto a couple of our more aesthetically pleasing racks that will bring style and function to your home.

    Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack

    Now that we've talked about a couple of steel racks, let’s venture into one of the other materials Storeyourboard.com has to offer: our solid oak wood racks. The Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack is made from solid American oak wood with a natural finish. With this wall-mounted rack’s furniture-quality finish, this rack will look good in any room in your home or storage space. This solid wood rack is able to accommodate six shortboards, longboards, or funboards! There is a cork inlay that will protect your boards from scratches. Not only can this rack be used for your surfboards, but you can also use this rack to store some of your winter gear like snowboards and skis. This is also a perfect storage solution for a space where horizontal storage won’t work. This wall-mounted rack is sure to catch the attention of any of your guests because of how nice it looks in the home; it looks more like decor than of storage! Take advantage of this versatile, aesthetically pleasing storage solution that gives you storage space for boards and more, as well as being attractive decor for the home. 

    Minimalist Yoga Mat Display

    Another great option for a wall-mounted rack that will look stylish inside your home is the Minimalist Yoga Mat Display rack. This rack is crafted from American red oak. It comes in three different finishes: natural, cherry, and mocha. This selection makes it easy to find a style to match your home, apartment, or yoga studio. It is a modern minimalist display to store your yoga mat, foam roller, muscle rollers, or workout bands. This rack is designed to not only store your yoga mat but with its furniture-quality finish, it will blend in with your other furniture in the room. Along the ends of the rack are adjustable aluminum support plates to support your yoga mat and prevent it from rolling off of the rack. There is also a soft cork padding inlaid to protect your items from any damages. This rack provides a minimalist way to hold your fitness gear and will be attractive inside any room in your home.

    Wall-Mounted Storage for Miscellaneous Items

    Quick Clean Station

    We talked about racks for specific gear, but let’s consider a product that can accommodate some of the smaller items that we may have lying around our garage, mudroom, or other storage space. The Quick Clean Station storage rack is able to store all kinds of smaller items that may otherwise get lost in clutter if not stored away properly. This rack is universal in the sense that it can be used to store just about anything. If you are looking for a storage rack to manage all of your car items like cleaning supplies or oil, this rack can do just that. Or, if you need a place to store your biking accessories, such as a bike pump or repair kit, this rack has a place for these items. If you are looking for general storage for household items and cleaning supplies, you will be able to keep track of these items on this wall-mounted storage rack. This convenient, practical, and beneficial rack is incredibly versatile and can be used for many storage needs.

    Next Stop: Organization

    These products are just quick overviews of the wall-mounted storage that Storeyourboard.com has to offer. With our variety of storage solutions, you are bound to find the right wall-mounted rack that best accommodates your organizing needs.

    As you reflect upon the benefits of wall-mounted storage racks, also remember the space you are trying to organize and which racks will best fit your needs. Whether it is a solid, sturdy, heavy-duty steel rack for your garage or storage shed, or something visually appealing for your home interior like a minimalist rack, you can find it all on Storeyourboard.com. Narrowing down where you want your gear stored will overall help your selection of what kind of rack to start shopping for. And most importantly, consider the gear you're planning to store. You want to ensure that you are purchasing the right wall-mounted rack that is able to hold the appropriate type of gear, weight of gear, and how much gear you have to store.