5 Ways to Organize Your Garage

1. Get Bikes off the Floor

Bikes take up a lot of floor space, especially if everyone in your house has their own. It takes only one bump to turn a neat line of bikes into dominos. To avoid hazards and maintain garage tidiness, hang them up with a wall-mounted bike rack. You’ll love how organized your garage is!

2. Wrap Up Your Cords

Nobody likes rummaging through a knot of power cords trying to find the right one. Keep your power cables, hoses, ropes, and more from becoming tangled with a hook-and-loop fastener cable wrap. For extra credit, hang up your wrapped cords on the wall!

3. Take Advantage of Overhead Space

Your garage has a lot of space that isn’t being used–just look up! Suspend bulky items like ladders, wheelbarrows, kayaks, and paddleboards from your garage ceiling with a metal ceiling rack or a hoist system. This frees up your wall and floor space for smaller, more frequently used equipment–and a free walkway.

4. Put Tools On Hooks

Don’t just lean your tools against the wall; hang them up! A wall-mounted tool rack is a great way to organize shovels, brooms, and rakes. Tool racks with built-in shelves allow for even more storage options. You can also hang large power tools like string trimmers and leaf blowers to get the most of your floor space.

5. Make It Easy To Keep It Clean

A spill in the garage can easily turn into a giant mess, especially if you have to run to the kitchen to get some paper towels. Conquer every spill quickly with a heavy-duty cleaning station, which keeps your cleaning supplies, paper towels, and other necessities within reach.

Quick Clean Station, Paper Towel Holder, Wall Mount Shelf