The Best Bicycle Storage Solutions to Keep Your Space Tidy

We all need a place for our bikes when we're not riding them.

These storage solutions will give you the inspiration to organize your space and keep your bikes safely stored.

1. Wall Racks

Bikes are expensive, so you need heavy duty storage that gives you peace of mind. If you need a bike rack that's built like a tank, look no further than the BLAT Bike wall rack. With rubber coated hooks and 200 lb capacity, you can rest easy knowing your bike is stored securely. Installing a bike rack like this is a great way to keep your garage tidy and your floor and walkway clear from tripping hazards.

2. Freestanding Racks

For renters or people who don't want the hassle or damage of wall installation, freestanding bike racks are a perfect solution. This style of bike storage matches your flexibility; set it up in your garage, shed, or basement, and move or deconstruct it whenever you need.

3. Minimalist Wall Racks

Bikes are no longer purely functional objects. They come in fun colors and styles, and they're a way to show your personality. For the person who wants to display their bike as art, consider the minimalist bike rack! This simple hanging display will be a functional storage solution, a conversation starter, and home decor all at once.

4. Adjustable Racks

Mountain bikes, road bikes, and kids bikes don't always work on the same rack together without a little reconfiguring. If you have bikes of varying sizes, you may want a rack with customizable hook placements. An option like the G-Bike Rack has adjustable spacing for hook attachments. It comes as a wall rack or a freestanding rack, so you can build a rack that fits your collection.

5. Overhead Storage

The ceiling is the final frontier of storage solutions. Bike hoists allow you to keep your floor and wall space clear. This is a great organization idea if you are dealing with a space that doesn't have much extra room for another wall or floor rack. Most designs come with a rope or pulley to raise and lower your bike.

6. Fat Tire Bikes

One size doesn't fit all bikes. Typical wall racks that hang bikes by the wheel from a hook won't work for fat tire bikes. If you have this style, try a wall rack with hooks specifically designed for fat tire bikes

7. Bike Storage With a Shelf

What about all your cycling accessories, like helmets, repair kits, and tire pumps? The best way to keep your space tidy is to have a place for everything. Consider a bike rack with a shelf


Teal Triangle G-Bike Pro, Wall Storage System