6 Space-Saving Organizers to Maximize Storage Capacity

For small living spaces or homes with little storage space, you want to get the most out of your storage solutions.

When you can’t accommodate a whole-wall organization system, the best option is to find a narrow rack—or at least one with a small wall footprint—that has a large storage capacity.

You can also maximize your space by installing racks in difficult-to-use areas, like the ceiling. With these tips, it’ll be simple to get your gear off the floor and organized. Your space will be more usable, and it’ll look nicer when everything is neatly tucked away.

1. The Tool Max Single

This is a convenient, minimalist rack for storing more than just tools. The two-pronged rack is 4" wide and 4.5" tall, so it takes up very little wall space. But don’t be fooled; it’ll hold your heavy tools like a champ.

Think of all the possibilities for use in small garage spaces. It’s perfect for organizing your long-handled tools, ladders, kayak or SUP paddles, extension cords, hoses, and more.

This rack allows you to store all your tools in one place, instead of having them scattered all over your garage. If your looking to erase tool clutter, the Tool Max Single will help you do just that, all while preserving your precious wall space.

In review:

✔ keeps your tools organized in one place

✔ takes up minimal wall space

2. Snowboard Cinch

Tiny but mighty—the Snowboard Cinch will take your unwieldy snowboard and put it in space-saving position with just two pieces. The wall mounts are coated in abrasion-resistant bumpers to protect your board, and they will virtually disappear when you put your board on the wall. It’ll look like it’s floating on your wall, in the sleekest, most minimalist way.

You can display your board with the bindings on or off—it’s up to you! If you are low on space, taking the bindings off would give you more room for maneuvering around it, but it isn’t required for display.

Since it hangs your snowboard vertically, you can make the most use of narrow spaces between doorways or pieces of furniture. You’ll get to show off your board and make it a part of your home decor!

In review:

✔ minimalist design

✔ displays your board (bindings on or off) in a space-saving, vertical position

✔ has abrasion-resistant rubber bumpers for protection

3. Vertical Surfboard Display Rack

When you are trying to store large items like surfboards, the idea of finding indoor storage can be daunting. For many types of gear, vertical storage is a great way to get the most out of your available wall space, especially in tight spaces.

The Vertical Surfboard Display Rack is a clear acrylic wall mount for holding boards upright on the wall. You’ll be able to fit your board on just about any open wall space that’s wide enough to fit the widest part of your surfboard: between doorways or windows, on short stretches of wall, and more.

Since it’s made from clear acrylic, this board rack will give your board the illusion that it’s floating. Your surfboard will be the center of attention, rather than having a rack blocking the design.

In review:

✔ vertical orientation take up minimal wall space

✔ clear acrylic shows off your board, not the rack

4. Swivel Bike Rack

Bikes are notoriously difficult to store, and many types of bike racks take up too much garage space for people who don’t have room to spare.

The Swivel Bike Rack may solve this problem for you. It’s a small but strong wall rack, with the rack itself taking up mere inches of your wall space. When you load your bike and swivel it to the side, your space will open up. If you need space-saving garage storage for parking your car, storing large items like lawnmowers, or building a workshop, the Swivel Bike Rack will help you keep your garage space open and usable.

In review:

✔ takes up minimal wall space

✔ swivels your bike to the side to give you your space back

5. Hi-Port 2

Think about your ceiling. It’s over your head, mostly bare, typically not used for much by homeowners or tenants. That makes it a perfect place to put a rack! You won’t be taking up space you’d rather use for something else, and it’ll get your things up and out of the way so you can have organized wall and floor space.

The Hi-Port 2 is a great choice when it comes to ceiling storage. It’s two-sided, it has an adjustable post to customize height, and the arms are lightly padded and sloped upwards (which helps protect what you’re storing from scratches and from rolling off the rack!). Depending on what you’re storing, it could even fit in the space over your garage door.

Plus, it’s super versatile. You can use it for storing all kinds of items. We often recommend it for people with paddleboards, ladders, surfboards, kayaks, and snowboards, but you can get creative with it. Try storing fishing poles, plywood, beach umbrellas, and more.

In review:

✔ doesn’t take up ANY floor or wall space

✔ takes advantage of unused overhead space

✔ versatile and adjustable

6. Triple Freestanding SUP and Kayak Rack

Standup paddleboards and kayaks can be any combination of long, unwieldy, and heavy. They’re difficult to store simply because they are so large. Even storing them horizontally on the wall takes up a ton of space.

Interestingly, there is a rack that will allow you to store your kayaks or SUPs in a configuration that takes up the least amount of your space: upright. The Triple Freestanding SUP and Kayak Rack holds up to three kayaks or six SUPs. The rack is specially designed with padding at the contact points to prevent scratches, plus buckling straps for secure holding. This rack is rated for indoor and outdoor use. If you have the ability, nothing saves space indoors like storing kayaks and SUPs outside!

In review:

✔ store kayaks and SUPs upright to maximize storage space

✔ rated for indoor and outdoor use