9 Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers

It can be tough to buy gifts for the most active person you know.

Sometimes it seems like your choices are between expensive tech and expensive gear. If premier athletic wear, new kayaks, and fitness watches aren’t on your shopping list this year, don’t worry—StoreYourBoard has some options for you. Check out this list of gifts for fitness fanatics that are unique and won’t break the bank.

For the Yogi

Gift the yoga aficionado in your life the Minimalist Rack. It’s a simple, unobtrusive storage option that’s perfect for foam blocks, yoga mats, foam rollers, and more. Since it’s so subtle, it go with any and all decoration styles. But the best part is that it will help clear up their workout space. Yoga gear will no longer be leaned against the wall or tucked into a closet. This is an opportunity to help them put their passion for yoga on display at home and turn it into decor.

For the Person with Gear Cluttering Their Garage

For people with active lifestyles, cleaning and organization don’t always give the same thrill as going on an adventure. That’s not to say that they’re messy, but they may need some help decluttering their space. That’s where you come in with the perfect gift: the XSR. This rack is a versatile storage solution for gear from surfboards to snowboards to paddleboards—and more! Whatever gear they have, the XSR gives them an easy way to store safely and clean up quickly.

For the Fashionable Fitness Lover

So the person you’re shopping for has stylish home—you can’t get them just anything. What you’re looking for is the Handcrafted Wood Hands Display. This wall rack will give an artisanal touch to their surfboard or paddleboard display. It’s not limited to just active gear; it could also serve as a unique way to display wall art. Wood is always in fashion, so you can’t go wrong.

For the Cyclist With a Small Space

The Minimalist Bike Rack is an understated yet secure way to park a bike indoors. Once the rack is installed on the wall, your giftee will have a safe place to store their bike up and off the floor. This also helps them incorporate their bike into their home decor. The rack is virtually invisible and lets the bike have all the attention. It's a great gift for someone with a small city apartment, or for anyone who wants to hang a bike without taking up loads of space.

For the Adventuring Renaissance Man

It can be difficult to shop for someone who does a little of everything. If they climb, bike, ski, camp, and hike, they likely have a lot of gear laying around. They could use a hub to keep everything organized. The Teal Triangle G-Adventure is made with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It has space to store bikes, skis, backpacks, tents, climbing gear, helmets, bins, and more.

For the One With the Home Gym

Gym clothes, free weights, resistance bands... if you have a friend who's into working out, chances are they probably have all the gym gear they need. So, since they already have it all, what does that leave you as a gift giver? Get them something to keep all their gym gear in order! Gifting the Fitness Storage Rack will show them that you put thought into their interests and found something that will clear up clutter rather than adding to it. At a time when everyone is getting more stuff, giving someone a way to organize will stand out.

For the Warm Weather Athlete

Do you know someone who does all the summer sports? They might have kayaks, SUPs, surfboards, and more taking over their space during the winter when those activities are no longer in-season. Give them something that will help them organize during the off-season; the Hi-Port 2 is the top of its class... literally. This ceiling rack helps get long, bulky, and hard-to-store items up and out of the way. 

For the Cold Drink Fanatic

What is a kayaking trip without an ice-cold beverage? For the kayaker in your life who likes to have some leisurely time on the water with a drink: the Kayak Drink Koozie. It clips onto the kayak, no installation required, and insulates bottles and cans for a superior sipping experience.

For the Watersport Athlete

Whether they're a kayaker, surfer, paddleboarder, or beachgoer, their fun can also be their downfall. Have they ever waterlogged their essentials, like their phone, towel, or change of clothes? There's a simple, versatile, and—most importantly—waterproof solution: the Dry Bag. It's perfect for kayaking trips, paddleboarding excursions, rough boat rides, and more. Give the gift of waterproofing and security!