7 Outdoor Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Space

Whether you kayak, fish, or surf, the warm weather brings opportunities to be active and enjoy the outdoors.

You have all this gear, but how do you keep it organized without cluttering up your garage, yard, and home? We have the best tips for keeping your space organized and your gear accessible.

1. Fishing Rod Storage

If there's a fisherman in your life, you may know how fishing rods end up being stored against any surface they can find—against the shed, the wall in the garage, the boathouse, and more. A weatherproof fishing rod rack is the perfect solutions for storing them neatly, outside (where they belong!).

This outdoor rack holds up whether it's left out in the rain or near ocean spray, and its versatility allows you to keep it in the place most convenient for you. With your fishing rods in a designated place, your space will look neater than ever.

2. Overhead Storage

Make use of space under your deck with an overhead rack. Storage solutions like the Hi Port 2 get your gear up and out of the way without taking up wall or floor space. With this versatile rack, you can get creative with the gear you store overhead. The Hi Port holds anything from kayaks and surfboards to ladders to plywood and 2x4s.

3. Watersports Storage

Your gear is graceful on the water, but clunky when you try to store it at home. If you have a shed or boathouse, you may find that kayaks, surfboards, and SUPs take up too much space, even with a rack keeping them off the floor.

With an outdoor wall rack, you can save shed space by storing watercraft outside. Don't let bulky gear consume your storage space when there's an outdoor storage solution available.

You can also try installing an outdoor rack on the side of your house, on a fence, or under your deck. With the right tools, you can even install this rack into brick walls and concrete.

4. Wooden Storage

Maybe a rack made from metal doesn't fit your style. One storage solution to show off your individuality is the log rack. Since the rack is freestanding, it's adaptable to any outdoor space, whether you want it close to the house, near the water, or covered under a deck. This simple, rustic solution for a cluttered yard will give your space an artisanal touch. No two log racks are alike, so your space will have something unique to make it stand out. 

5. Waterside Storage

If you have a dock, there's no need to store your kayaks, SUPs, and canoes anywhere else; use a dock rack to keep your watercraft right where you need it. 

Kayaks and SUPs can clutter up your floor space if you try to store them indoors. Plus, using a rack inside small storage spaces like sheds leaves little room for your other gear. You may even have to make trips back and forth when you're ready to hit the water. 

The dock rack is a convenient solution for watercraft storage problems. Its design stores your watercraft primarily over the water, so you won't lose dock space, and you'll have your gear right there where you need it, when you need it.

6. Dock Storage

The weatherproof SUP rack for docks and piers is another option for keeping your gear at the water. This marine grade rack holds up in freshwater and saltwater environments. You have the option of mounting it to your dock or using it as a moveable, freestanding rack with support arms.

Worried about wind or theft when storing gear on your dock? Use locking cables or bungee cords on any of the outdoor kayak and SUP racks to keep them safe. And if you want to keep your gear protected to prevent wear during the off seasons, there are covers and bags for kayaks and for SUPs

You don't have to bring them inside to keep them safe. With a dock rack keeping them organized and secure, why would you store them anywhere else?

7. Freestanding Storage

Storage racks can be bulky and difficult to move as needed. A rack like the 2 SUP stand is a versatile, portable solution. Made of rust-proof aluminum and neoprene foam, this rack is easy to move while still keeping your boards safe. If you decide you want to mount it in place, it includes holes at the base to anchor to the ground.