Before and After: One-Hour Boathouse Transformation

The StoreYourBoard team took on an organization project at a new home on Lake Anna in Virginia.

We took off with a car full of storage racks and a plan to turn this boathouse closet from cluttered mess to functional dream.

For people who spend time at houses on the water, you know how disorganized your storage areas can get with all your vacation gear. When the beachgoers, paddleboarders, and wakesurfers return, exhausted from a day in the sun, it's a struggle to get everyone to put their gear away.

Pre-transformation, this closet had minimal storage options. Most gear ended up on the floor, leaning against the wall, or in a pile. This is not only difficult to use, but also stressful. Cluttered spaces are the opposite of soothing. We needed to find a functional storage solution that works for wakeboards, wakesurf boards, fishing rods, SUPs and paddles, and beach chairs.

What a space like this needs is a clear organization plan. Nothing feels better than finding a system that is usable, fits your space, and makes cleaning easy. Luckily, the storage closet had plenty of underused space for installing new racks! 

All of the organization tools we used for this transformation can be found on This project uses the weatherproof KLA fishing rod stand, the XSR rack, the BLAT chair, and the paddle wall hook

With clear instructions and hardware included, we were pleased to have this storage closet emptied out and transformed in under an hour. Putting the closet back together after rack installation was a snap. Everything had a place, making for simple cleanup. 

Pictured above: KLA fishing rod stand and XSR rack

Pictured above: XSR rack and BLAT chair

Pictured above: XSR rack and BLAT paddle wall hook

For extra credit, we put together a Freestanding G-Watersport for kayaks, SUPs, and more. Watercraft are notoriously difficult to store. If kayaks don't have a designated home, they often remain on the floor of a shed or sitting in the yard. The beauty of this versatile freestanding rack is that it can go wherever you need it: the beach, the dock, the boathouse, or even inside for the season.

Before our intervention, the boathouse storage room was a dumping ground for gear. It had no system, and it was difficult to find what you were looking for. After our makeover, the transformed space became easy to use, organized, and functional: the way a closet should be.

Check out the transformation video!