How to Turn Your Garage Into a Workshop

Calling all DIYers, home improvers, and hobbyists: this is a sign to turn your garage into a workshop!

Create a space to work on projects in all seasons, set it up to your own specifications, and keep your projects contained so they no longer invade your home and yard. Whether you decide to completely redo your garage space or create a corner to do your work in, here are some tips for getting started on your new workspace.

1. Clear Away the Clutter

You can't start on your workspace if there's junk everywhere. Take some time to clear out the space, give it a good sweep, and see what you have to work with.

We know many people use their garage as a storage space, so what do you do with the clutter now that you've cleared out a space? With some overhead or wall racks, you can get your things up and out of the way without cluttering up the rest of your house.

Long, unwieldy, and infrequently used items like ladders, plywood, and kayaks are great candidates for storing overhead. The Hi Port 2 is a versatile storage rack for storing all those and more.

Don't let your bikes take over the garage! If you're looking for a space-saving bike storage solution, the Swivel Bike Rack gets bikes off the floor and swiveled to the side to minimize space. You'll have more room for your workspace, a car, or any other gear you need to store in your garage.

For all the other odds and ends, the Trifecta Rack will do the trick; it's perfect for fishing rods, skateboards, scooters, and more. At this price point, it's a small investment that more than pulls its weight.

2. Get Yourself the Workshop Essentials

The anchor of your new workshop will be the workbench. Find one that fits your needs. Does it need to be extra small or extra large? Are you planning on sitting or standing while working? Do you want storage underneath? Some people opt to build their own workbench. 

You may also need to fill out your tool collection. has the recommended workshop essentials to make sure your workspace is functional.

3. Install Good Lighting

Garages tend not to have the best lighting, so you may need to set up another light source. Depending on your needs, this may be a table lamp, freestanding work lights, or a new overhead light installation.

4. Ensure Proper Ventilation

A major consideration for your workspace is air flow. If you work with paints, glues, or anything that produces exhaust, fumes, or dust, your space needs proper ventilation.

Having a window or door to open to the outside is important, but it is not the most functional solution. Exhaust fans provide safe ventilation when it's too hot, cold, or rainy to leave the windows open. Consider installing one in your workspace.

You could also install a carbon monoxide detector as another precaution. If you work with cars, engines, or generators, you can never be too careful about carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Find the Right Tool Organization for You

You want to keep your space organized, but toolboxes and drawer storage often mean you'll be rummaging around looking for specific tools. There are solutions for storing tools within sight, but without creating clutter.

A peg board keeps tools at eye level and is endlessly customizable. Try attaching small cups or bins for loose items like screws and nails. 

If you want your drills within arm's reach, the Drill Rack is a heavy duty storage solution that keeps your tools organized and accessible. The Drill Rack and Shelf model provides a place for chargers, drill bits, batteries, and more.

Smaller tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers are perfect for the Hand Tool Organizer. If you have a few favorite tools you always reach for, this is a perfect storage rack to keep them handy and keep your space tidy.

6. Get the Perfect Chair

Your workshop seating is a surprisingly personal choice. With a large space, you may want a rolling chair for easy movement. Do you prefer a stool or a chair with a back? Does the height need to be adjustable? Make the right choice for the type of work you'll be doing.

7. Use Shelving to Keep Organized

Don't let your workbench get covered with clutter. You need another surface to keep other gear and supplies out of the way. Install some shelving for everything that doesn't have a home yet: paint cans, toolboxes, bins, cleaning supplies, and more can live on heavy duty Wall-Mounted Shelves so you keep your workbench clear.

Garage Wall Shelves, 2 Pack, Industrial Grade

8. Wrap Your Cords

Tangled power cords, hoses, and rope will slow you down and make your space look messy. Use hook and loop fastener utility straps to keep everything organized. They can be used for everything from air compressor hoses to electric wiring to extension cords.

9. Make Cleanup Easy

Install a Quick Clean Station near your workbench to make cleaning simple. This rack has space for a roll of paper towels and storage for cleaning sprays, towelettes, gloves, and more. Don't go back into the house when there's a spill; you can have everything you need to clean up right when you need it.