Before and After: How StoreYourBoard Transformed This Customer's Garage

“I couldn't even fit one car into my two-car garage.”

This is one of the issues that inspired Alex to embark on a total garage makeover. Known on Tiktok as “AlexCanOrganize,” he gained a following by recording the progress of reorganizing his disorganized home, doing one clean-up task per day. But when it came to his garage, Alex hit a block.

He wanted to create a functional space where his family’s gear could be organized yet accessible. This included items like bikes, seasonal tires, folding chairs, and children’s toys.

On top of that, he also wanted to be able to park his two cars inside the garage. Since Alex lives in a place with very cold and snowy winters, this was an important goal for the protection of his vehicles. According to Firestone, parking cars out in the cold and snow can leave them susceptible to brake rusting, battery failure, and cosmetic damage. In addition, nobody likes clearing snow or frost off the windshield before rushing off to work, and getting into a frigid car is without a doubt unpleasant.


These goals gave Alex a good idea of how he wanted his garage to function at the end of his reorganization project. After a first attempt at cleaning it out, he hit a major setback: there wasn’t any storage to put items away. He realized that he needed some help — and some storage solutions — to achieve his dream garage.

He reached out to StoreYourBoard for advice. With our selection of garage storage solutions, he was able to find products that fit his specific needs and allowed him to take his garage to the next level.

After installation, Alex’s garage was transformed.

“I have a 'calm' feeling when I go into it now,” Alex says.


To take care of his tools, children’s toys, bins, and other miscellaneous clutter on his garage floor, Alex installed three G-Tool Rack + Shelf units. This wall-mounted rack features storage hooks under a shelf system, so you get the maximum amount of storage while taking up a minimal amount of space. 

He lifted his golf bags off the floor and gave them a permanent home with the BLAT Golf Bag Rack. This heavy-duty, wall-mounted rack holds up to 100 lbs and keeps golf bags neatly stored away, but ready to go at any time.

Alex’s favorite storage solution of all was the Swivel Bike Rack. He opted for a four-pack to help him reduce bicycle clutter and reclaim his floor space. Once lifted onto the wall-mounted bike hook, bikes can swivel to the side to save you space.

When asked what advice he would give to others looking to reorganize their garages, he said, “Having additional storage will make organizing the garage so much easier!”

Check out Alex's transformation video showing the process of his garage makeover!