Don't Make These 3 Storage Mistakes This Spring

Spring is around the corner, which means it’s time for the annual transition from snow sports gear to water sports equipment. But cleaning up from winter adventures isn’t as easy as closing skis and snowboards behind a closet door.

Here are some mistakes that are commonly made when spring cleaning and how you can best avoid them. The storage experts at StoreYourBoard will help you prevent damage to expensive winter gear and make the most of your space with simple solutions for your frustrating garage storage issues.

Once you’re armed with these tips, you’ll be ready for whatever the new season brings.

Mistake 1: Not storing winter gear properly.

If you’ve made an investment in your gear collection by buying your own skis or snowboard, it’s important to keep your equipment in good condition. There are two main ways you can inadvertently cause damage during storage: exposing your gear to extreme climate conditions like heat, humidity, and direct sunlight and putting pressure on the natural curvature of your gear. When these two factors are combined, you are almost certain to face gear damage.

It may seem like any storage is better than none at all. However, storage styles like horizontal racks put pressure on the natural curvature of your equipment. This pressure can lead to warping and a loss of camber or rocker, which can affect your performance on the slopes.

So, what is the proper way to store them? The best way to keep your gear in optimal condition is to use vertical storage. Storing vertically preserves your equipment’s natural curvature, taking the pressure off the rocker and camber.

There are plenty of options for storing both skis and snowboards properly. Whether you want multi-ski storage, wall displays, or space-efficient storage, StoreYourBoard has all the high-quality storage solutions you need.

For ski: the Teal Triangle G-Ski Premium is an upgraded addition to the Teal Triangle family. It features spring-loaded hooks that hold your skis in a neutral position, preserving their rocker and camber. They also grip firmly yet softly thanks to their rubber coating. With a shelf for helmets, packs, and other gear, this rack is the ultimate organizational system for your skis.

For snowboard: The Cinch is a floating wall display. Whether you want to show off your love for snowboarding in your home decor or give your garage some personality, this minimalist storage option helps you store your board while taking up minimal space. Fits any board!

Mistake 2: Not taking advantage of overhead space.

Spring is the season for tidying, airing out, and organizing. It’s also the perfect time to work on cleaning your garage because it’s no longer bitter cold from the winter and not yet scorching from the summer.

Plus, when the weather warms up, you’ll likely be spending more time outside—and with all those spring and summer activities come all types of gear that can clutter up your space. If there’s ever a perfect time to focus on your garage for a home improvement project, spring is it.

When people tidy their garage, they often make one huge error: not storing items overhead. Ceiling-mounted racks are a great way to maximize storage space while also freeing up floor and wall space. It’s an opportunity to put seasonal items out of sight and to make room for summer gear like kayaks, paddleboards, gardening supplies, and more.

Do you know which overhead storage solutions works best for you and your space?

The hoist: use a pulley system like the Teal Triangle Elite Hoist to store items like cargo boxes, wheelbarrows, and kayaks overhead. You can bring them back down with the pull of a rope.

The ceiling rack: the Hi Port 2 is a StoreYourBoard exclusive that is a decluttering essential. It’s adjustable, space-saving, and heavy-duty. Use it to store items from canoes to plywood to fishing poles. 

Mistake 3: Not making room for water sports storage.

Out with the cold and in with the canoe (or any other water sports gear)! At this point, you’ve cleaned up your winter gear and installed overhead racks for maximum storage space. Now it’s time to deal with your watercraft.

Whether you’re making a new purchase this year or dragging your kayaks out of storage, you need a place to put them. At this point, most people are tired of spring cleaning and ready to get out on the water. Luckily, StoreYourBoard did the hard work for you; we’ve curated an array of water sports storage options, making your decision simple, quick, and stress-free.

The indoor-outdoor rack: The Swivel Kayak rack is space-saving and versatile. It’s rated for indoor and outdoor use, fits kayaks of any length, and swivels to the side when not in use.

The multi-craft rack: For those of you with a whole collection of kayaks, paddleboard, and canoes, the Teal Triangle freestanding G-Watersport rack is the end-all be-all. It’s heavy-duty, moveable, and able to accommodate watercraft of all different shapes and sizes.

Teal Triangle G-Watersport

The versatile rack: The Hi Port 1 is a J-shaped rack that is deceptively simple yet exceedingly useful. Its foam-wrapped arms are designed to grip your gear protectively, and its slight incline keeps everything from rolling off. If you need a sleek and space-efficient way to get your paddleboards or wakeboards off the ground, this rack does the trick.