12 Ideas for Ski and Snowboard Storage That Maximize Space

Winter is coming to an end soon, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to store your ski and snowboard gear. There’s lots to consider: keeping your home neat, protecting the longevity of your expensive equipment, and finding the right fit for your space and lifestyle.

StoreYourBoard has you covered with a range of snow sports storage options to suit all needs, from freestanding racks to wall displays. One thing is for sure—tossing your equipment into the corner of your garage or closet won’t keep it in good condition. Treat your gear right by storing it properly, and it’ll be with you for years.

Freestanding Racks

Depending on your storage rack, local weather, and access to climate control, damage to your gear during storage can be a serious issue. Warping is usually caused by humidity and heat, paired with storage that doesn’t suit the surrounding environment. When skis and snowboards are left for an extended period of time in horizontal storage, they can develop a slight bend due to their own weight pressing down on the center.

Freestanding storage can help you avoid these damages by maintaining the natural curvature of your gear. Since the freestanding rack holds everything in an upright position, it preserves the rocker and camber, so your equipment will keep its shape and be usable for years.

StoreYourBoard Picks:

Teal Triangle Freestanding G-Ski

  • Holds up to 10 pairs of skis
  • Heavy-duty—made of industrial-grade steel
  • Adjustable attachment spacing
  • 300 lb capacity
  • Fits ski poles, all-mountain, wide, powder, and backcountry skis
  • Has a protective, non-marking finish

Teal Triangle Freestanding Ski Organizer

  • Holds up to 4 pairs of skis
  • Made of highly water-resistant coated rubber wood and powder-coated steel
  • Center shelves provide storage for boots, bags, and more
  • Fits all styles of skis: cross-country, all-mountain, powder, racing, and freestyle skis
  • Adjustable straps hold skis upright, and rubber cushioning provides padding
  • Stylish design worthy of indoor decor

Teal Triangle Freestanding Ski Organizer

Outdoor Wood Log Rack

  • Chalet-style outdoor rack
  • Fits skis and snowboards
  • Made form American cedar
  • Comes in 3 finishes
  • Naturally weather-resistant and long-lasting
  • Rustic, resort style

Wall Racks

Wall-mounted racks are convenient, space-efficient storage solutions for any skis and snowboards that need a proper home. It's a very versatile category because there are so many different style to choose from: horizontal, vertical, display, and more. Plus, they won't take up precious floor space if you don't have any to spare.

Horizontal wall racks are a good choice for someone with both skis and snowboards to store. Due to their design, horizontal racks are better equipped to store a variety of gear at once, whereas many vertical storage options fit specific types or styles.

If you're concerned about preserving the natural curvature of your gear—whether due to lack of climate control, humidity, or other environmental extremes—you may want to opt for vertical storage that will help you preserve the integrity of your gear. These wall racks function the same as the freestanding vertical racks, but with the added benefit of space efficiency!

StoreYourBoard Picks:

XSR Metal Wall System

  • Horizontal storage
  • Adjustable metal arms and track system
  • Rubber padding to prevent gear damage
  • Versatile—fits snowboards, skis, and more
  • 100 lb capacity
  • Comes in white and black
  • Made from heavy-duty, durable steel

BLAT Ski Wall Rack

  • Vertical storage
  • Solid, heavy-duty steel design
  • No assembly required
  • Holds up to 8 pairs of skis
  • 200 lb capacity
  • Durable powder-coat finish to prevent gear damage
  • Fits most skis, including alpine, cross-country, racing, and powder skis

Teal Triangle G-Ski Premium + Shelf

  • Vertical storage
  • Holds skis in neutral position to preserve rocker and camber
  • Holds up to 5 pairs of skis, plus ski poles
  • Protective rubber coating to prevent gear damage
  • Adjustable attachment spacing along the track
  • Includes shelf for accessories including bags, helmets, boots, and more
  • 300 lb capacity

Double Ski Wall Rack

  • Ultra-compact vertical storage
  • Holds up to 2 pairs of skis, poles, or other gear
  • Fits race, powder, all-mountain, and twin tip skis
  • Also fits 2 snowboards
  • Solid steel design
  • No assembly required
  • Powder coating to prevent gear damage

Display Racks

Store your gear in style with a rack that organizes and displays your skis or snowboards at the same time. Show off your equipment as a piece of decor instead of stashing it in your garage for the season. Display racks will help you keep your space neat, add personality to your home decor, and protect the longevity of your gear by keeping it in a controlled climate.

StoreYourBoard Picks:

Ski and Snowboard Cinch

  • Minimalist style floating rack to show off the gear, not the rack
  • Holds skis or snowboards with or without bindings attached
  • Rubber-coated bumpers to protect your gear
  • Easy installation

Minimalist Display Rack

  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Made from rust-free aluminum
  • Felt-lined to protect your gear
  • 30 lb capacity—enough to support a snowboard with bindings

Minimalist Timber Display Rack

  • Modern, minimalist design
  • Made from solid American Red Oak with aluminum support plates
  • Cork inlay to protect your gear

Ceiling Racks

Overhead storage is the ultimate way to maximize your storage space. Get organized without taking up any extra wall or floor space! This is perfect for skis and snowboards that will be out of use until snowy weather rolls around again. Ceiling racks are convenient for storing items you don't use every day, but they're still accessible enough to grab your gear when you need it. Stop cluttering your wall space with more and more racks; give yourself the extra space you need by installing storage on the final frontier of your garage.

StoreYourBoard Picks:

Hi-Port 1

  • Foam-coated arms to pad and grip your gear
  • Slight upward angle to keep your gear secure
  • 50 lb capacity
  • Holds 4 pairs of skis, 2 snowboards, or 2 pairs of skis and 1 snowboard

Hi-Port 2

  • No-slip foam padding to protect and grip your gear
  • 90-degree rotational base
  • Slight upward angle to keep your gear secure
  • Holds 8 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
  • Adjustable center posts to give more or less clearance below the rack
  • Removable arms to use one side instead of two
  • Gated pins lock components in place
  • 150 lb capacity
  • Heavy-duty coated steel construction for indoor and outdoor storage