How to Manage Hard-To-Store Accessory Items

Everyday items like shoes and cleaning supplies are often overlooked when it's time to reorganize your home. You can clear up more space quickly by stowing a kayak than by cleaning out your closet or under-the-sink cabinet, so larger items often get top billing when it's time to declutter. 

As much as you might want to hide the mess behind closed doors, dealing with those smaller, accessory items is a key part in total home organization. If you want to tidy your home from top to bottom, StoreYourBoard has accessory storage solutions that will maximize your storage space in a functional and stylish way. You can easily integrate these practical storage ideas into your space without detracting from your personal style.

Shoe Storage

Taking shoes off at the door is one of the first things we do to unwind when we get home. But when you don't have an organization system, the first thing you see inside the door is a closet, mudroom, or entryway that is cluttered with shoes. For both you and guests, that's not a glowing impression to make. You need shoe organization that maximizes your storage space and keeps your entryway or closet tidy, helping you create a clutter-free and stress-free space.

The Teal Triangle Shoe Rack has styles to match any home decor. The seeded natural fabric is bright and minimalist, while the charcoal gray is warm and cozy. There are also three black options: black canvas, black wire, and a combination of black canvas and wire. These styles look right at home in a garage. Plus, they'll stand up to heavy boots and other gear.

Cleaning Supply Storage

Think about where you keep cleaning supplies. Is the space accessible and organized? More importantly, does it work for you? It's a struggle to keep under-the-sink cabinets in order. It's dark, hard to maximize space, and difficult to find what you need quickly (especially when your cleaning supplies are hidden under a mound of plastic bags...). 

Make your life easier by creating a go-to place for cleaning supplies. A wall-mounted supply rack for your keeps everything together. Use it to store paper towels, sprays, rags, your Swiffer duster, and more. 

This type of rack looks right at home in a mudroom, laundry room, closet, or garage. Keep cleaning and laundry supplies in your laundry room, pet or dog-walking supplies by your entryway, and small garden supplies in your garage or shed. You'll have everything you need within arm's reach.

Chair Storage

Folding chairs are something that most people have, but few store properly. Instead of leaning your extra chairs against the garage wall, install a wall-mounted chair organizer in that space. It won't take up any extra room in your garage, but it will get your chairs off the ground and keep them stored neatly. 

You don't want to draw the eye to a haphazard pile of chairs that falls over like dominos at the slightest touch. Never underestimate how proper storage can level up your home! A simple raised storage rack will give your garage a sleek and functional look.


For the rest of your hard-to-store items, try installing some extra wall-mounted shelves to give yourself more surface area for storage without taking up valuable floor space. Boxes, bins, and other accessory items should be stored properly yet accessibly. 

Achieve the balance between space maximization, usability, and style by finding the right wall-mounted shelving for you and your space. Metal shelves will give your space a sleek, minimalist, and industrial feel. On the other hand, wood shelves make a space feel artisanal and warm.

While ceiling-mounted storage is handy for some items, it doesn't work well for anything you need easy access to. That's why wall-mounted or floating shelves are go-to storage solutions, especially for small spaces. You can keep your extra items organized while not cluttering up the space with bulky freestanding shelving units. 

One part of the task of decluttering is learning how to use optical illusions to your advantage. Oftentimes, you have two options for shelving: clunky units that weigh down your space and minimalist wall-mounted shelves that open up your space. If they take up the same amount of space, wouldn't you opt for the shelving that makes your space seem bigger?